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April Walleye, something a little different. 4/11/17

dan hufferd

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I couldn't not find them so where did they go? 40 ft of water wow ! 

If I had spent more time fishing and less time filming, I think I would have caught a limit in this spot.


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Great Job Dan! 

I have found that there will be quality walleye in 40' of water all year long at Stockton.    I generally start in the 18-20' range but if I can't find them there I'll sneak out to 35-40' and generally find some fish.  The fish I find in the deeper water tend to be higher quality too.  I just don't always like to fish that deep, its a bit more work at times.


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Thanks guys. With no thermocline they can be anywhere. Lmt out I think you are doing just fine, if you get any better there won't be any walleye left :D

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