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Mid-February trip


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Coming down the weekend of February 17-18 to fish.  I haven't been down that early in the year yet.  Is lower BS historically starting to warm up on the bass fishing by then or should I just trout fish?  Doesn't matter to me which I do, whichever is the better bite, I'm happy doing either.  Just me coming down so if anyone wants to come down and wants a free place to stay for the weekend I'm open.

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I typically wait for the water to be Mid 40’s and on the increase before I start lake fishing. I am sure that you can go any day of the year and catch some fish, but I would rather go enjoy a day of trout catching then struggle to get a 1/2 dozen bites from bass in the lake.

other ppl may feel exactly the opposite and that’s fine by me. 

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All weather dependent.  Just play by ear.  If I am in town will try to hook up, if it is cold will likely be further south......much further.  

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