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40th annual Dummy Trout Invitational


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Got a group of guys that just had our 40th annual tournament. Out of Trout Hollow. This year we had 34 guys. My two buddies and I fished wed afternoon, thursday, friday and the tournament sat and sun morning. We only caught about 10 trout apiece each day. They were running water very slowly sometimes in the morning and the rest of the time it was dead calm. The weather was absolutely beautiful. So good to be out after the two deadly cold spells we went through. Like i said it was pretty slow for us. Sunny, calm, no wind, no current. We fished jigs under a float most of the time. A 1lb 14 oz rainbow won 1st place and a 1 lb 8 oz took 2nd place. I think both of these trout were caught trolling crankbaits. Ugh!!!! Good times!!!

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A friend who is one of the guys that started RAW 30 years ago invited me. I first told him why do I want to fish a trout tournament? Those skinny little fish will swim out the overflow on my live well. But I went ahead and tried it. Some 27 years later I haven't missed one! Even when my arm was in a sling after elbow surgery. My son and I now also fish the Masters, and Elfrink. Plus a good friend and I fish the Firefighters benefit tournament in August, and will be joining in on the MOAFS tournament at Lilleys Landing in May.

Great fun always. I find your one fish, big fish weigh in quite interesting.

Real men go propless!

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I am trying to do a little more trout fishing when i can. My wife and I go on vacation to the Rockies every year and i take my fly rod. I'm getting better. I never have used it at Taneycomo. I am going to try and get down there below the dam this year sometime. They sure are a beautiful fish!!

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