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 After a pretty successful day yesterday I thought I would go up and do the same thing again today, NOT!!   put in at Cedar Ridge Campground and fished from Cedar Ridge to just south of State Park Marina. Didn’t have my first bite until 11 o’clock and missed that bite, finally caught my first bass at 12:45 and promptly caught another one on the next cast and thought here we go ......NOT.  Caught one other bass at 3 o’clock and that was it. Couldn’t buy a bite from the Crappie, just a very tough day on the water.   Water temps on the Little Sac were 40 to 43°, Maze Creek looks like hot chocolate and there is a bunch of big timber floating out of the creek and it appears the dirty water line from the Little Sac is just about a half a mile south of Cedar Ridge. The main lake is a little discolored but you can still see 4 or 5 feet.  Tight Lines!

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