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2/28 Bass Fishing


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Fished all day and ended up with 8 fish, 4 of which were keepers.  Also had one white.  Launched around 8 out of Mutton Creek, water was pretty dirty. Fished for a couple of hours on the main lake around Mutton without a nibble.  Decided to go North to get out of the mud.  All of my fish were caught in the back of Hawker.  Chunk rock banks 15-18 feet and all came on the A-rig.  Water temp was 43-44.  Could not get bit on ned, jerkbait, or jig.  For most of the day it was dead calm with just a slight breeze, then later in the day the wind picked up a bit.  Did not seem to help the bite though.   Was a beautiful day out and got to set the hook a few times, so it was a success.

The water starts to clear up about halfway between Mutton and the bridge.   The really muddy water in the main channel is a bit warmer than off in the creeks.  It was 48-49 and then would drop to 43-44 once you pulled off into a cove.

The first pic is at the Mutton Creek ramp.  The other pic is at the mouth of Hawker. 



These are the 4 keepers.  Nothing special, just 15-16".  And the white


Banks like this were the only places I could get bit.  The real chunky rock on a steep bank.


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Thanks for the report.  The Dr cleared me yesterday to go fishing so my plan is to launch at Hartley and fish both ways.  The A rig is my bait of choice for tomorrow.

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Thanks for the report Matt. Water doesnt look to bad. Hoping to be out saturday myself towards the dam area. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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