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I had an Ulterra  trolling motor put on yesterday morning and thought it and I needed some quality time together.  I ran down to Stockton and put the boat in.  There was a good south breeze so I decided to try the motor out on some windy spots.  I fished several places and wound up catching 14 bass in 4 hours on a spinnerbait.  That was a good feeling and the trolling motor performed better than I had expected.

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Agreed... I was on the water (State Park to Hawker only) Thursday morning before the storm and had the best topwater bite so far this summer. (spook and whopper) Just beat the hard rain in and boat up on hoist before the sky just dumped. Water temps in the upper 70's. Fished hard Wednesday mostly main lake points on little sac with maybe a fish an hour. Tough going Wednesday but Thursday gave me some hope to get out of this years tough summer bite. Thanks for sharing...


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3 hours ago, Moflash said:

You will enjoy the Ulterra just make sure to update to the latest software.I have had mine for about a year and it is nice to be able to deploy and stow from my Helix screen.

I won't have that option since I run Lowrance units but the remote seems to be a good way to do it.  I was in the BPS outlet this am and found a couple of Ipilot remotes for $90.  I thought what the heck an extra might be a good thing so I bought one.

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