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With our move to Maryland opened a whole new mushrooming experience. Where we live has been getting consistent rains since May. There have been literally hundreds of mushrooms seen in our yard and woodlot behind our house. It seems like I am out almost daily trying to find some that I can confirm as edible or better yet choice edibles. I have found clumps of rimless honey and honey mushrooms, but almost always well after their prime time for edibility. We have had many, many boletes in the yard with predominantly bitter boletes, little brown boletes (possiblySuillus pinorigidus), and old man of the woods. Found lots of Russulas, Amanitas, Lactarius, but again very few that would be considered choice edibles.










I have been hounding Marty with new possibles at least every couple of days. Getting a bit frustrated until last night when Livie and I found this log in the woodlot. The larger shelfs are as big as your hand. These chicken mushrooms are at there peak in terms of size and texture. We harvested approximately a 1/3 of them, which is likely to make us two solid meals.


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Found a bunch of blue/purple mushrooms. Was hoping that they may have been blewits. Unfortunately the cinnamon/rust colored spore print confirmed that they were not blewits. looking deeper they appear to be viscid violet corts (Cortinarius iodes) :unsure:





They're edible, but not recommended due to closely resembling a slightly toxic species.

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