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Last few days report

bobby b.

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Fished out of Baxter, Mill Creek, and Indian Point Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from about 11 am – 3 pm at the latest.  Fished the White from Baxter up to about Point 9, Fisher Creek, and Cow Creek.  Thursday the wind was nasty particularly in the afternoon east of the Kimberling Bridge.  Caught about 35 – 40 fish total with Tuesday being the better day.  Maybe 6 keepers total.  One day found fish on primary rocky points, the next day further back off those points in the creek, and then in the pockets adjacent to the primary points.  Thursday and Friday were smallmouth days.  Did catch 6 SM in a 40 yards stretch in Cow.  Saw fish on beds on Friday as the wind was a little calmer.  Water temperature in the lower to mid 60s.  Most fish caught in 15 fow.  Tried to find that smallmouth bite that Bill B. had the previous Saturday but no joy.  All fish caught on watermelon red Zoom shaky head, split tail ned in California Craw or Mud Minnow, or ¼ oz  craw jig/trailer.  The swimbait did me no good, maybe because I was not on those gravel flats.  Catching not near as good as the previous week, I’m thinking because of solunar thing and high barometric pressure or because just about the time I would find them it was time to go home  or maybe because I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.  Enjoyed the week and looking forward to next week.




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