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11/5 and morning of 11/6

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Fished from Noon until about 5:30. Basically from 62 bridge up as far as I can go which is just below Clayborn creek. They have been running water so its very clear now.

Tossed jigs and jerk baits the whole time. Below spider creek the rainbows really seemed to have slowed down especially on the jigs for me. No bigger fish. We were averaging 1 over slot fish a day but haven't caught one from the boat in 2-3 trips now. 

Between Spider creek and Clayborn Creek there are lots of stocker browns. I would guess we caught between 10-15 browns on jerkbaits. Nothing but stockers. 

We did see several good browns in the clear water and 1 or 2 big fish. 

Fished the daylight hour this morning wading in the restricted area with spinning rod. Fishing was good right at daylight. Probably caught 10 fish. No browns. Water is cold, air is cold, feet were numb so it was a short trip.  


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