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Last couple of weeks

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Have consistently been wading 2 mornings a week for the past 3 or 4 weeks. 

I was catching more and more browns every trip....about 3 weeks ago it shut off....I think I've caught 2 since....not because they are gone but their busy doing their thing. Have seen several nice fish in the shoals but in that area I just cant bring myself to do anything but watch. No big deal there has been plenty of people stumbling through and keeping them stirred up. 

I did get out Thursday and fished the restricted area looking for more cooperative fish that haven't been just stomped all through by the mob. Thursday it stayed much darker than it had been which worked out well I finished the day with 4 walleye. My biggest was a 19-20" fish that got a free ride north. I did also catch a brown with a very clear freeze brand mark AGFC puts on them first time I've caught one that I could confirm without a doubt what it was. 

Colored up brown from a couple weeks ago. 


New net works out well, plenty of depth.


Short walleye in the restricted area


Freeze brand brown


Walleye on a leash



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