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Ackerman access 1/13


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I went to Ackerman this morning around 10 am after the water went down. Fishing was good with lots of rainbows and a couple of browns.

I have noticed that the water is off colored when the generators are running and the river is falling. Then it clears up nicely when the siphon kicks in. I guess the intakes for the generators are at a fixed level of the lake and they are drawing off colored water from that depth.  The siphon has 3 different levels they can draw from depending on O2 levels. Bottom line, if the water is off colored when you get there, wait an hour and it clears up nicely when the siphon kicks in.

Best flies today were a peach colored egg with a P&P midge behind it.


Here's a few pics. The male rainbows are still in their spawning colors. Nothing like what Phil caught yesterday, but still fun. 😮

.  DSCF9367 (2).JPG

DSCF9381 (2).JPG

DSCF9389 (2).JPG

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