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3/13 Lower end - Long Creek area


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I launched from State Park boat ramp and started off on a main lake point and pocket. I caught my fist bass that morning on a bone spook. I had a follower with that catch that was probably twice the size of the one I had hooked! I didn't get any other bites on the spook and so after working that bait and a Rock Crawler, I focused on using medium diving and deep diving, low profile crankbaits. I tried a couple of main lake points and a secondary point off the main lake...I then decided to head to Long Creek. That is when I started having some success. I focused on the usual...secondary points, pockets, and transition banks. I found the most success on gravel rock, runout secondary points. I caught 5 on one such point. I ended up with 15 in the boat. A couple of "football" spots, one brownie, and a few largemouth. My biggest was about 3.6lbs. I ended up throwing the rock crawler most of the time as it was producing. Water Temps started about 44-45 and wer up around 50-51 late in the afternoon. It was windy...not sure but I would guess 10-15mph with occasional stronger gusts. Here are a few of the better fish.





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