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4/1 and 4/2


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Keepers still biting crankbaits for me. 

Staying at Theodosia Marina Resort, I decided to drip the rig in at the spring creek ramp, to avoid the huge mats of debris washing in around the bridge.

I fished from 1pm til about 5pm on Friday. Boat never went past the mouth of Spring creek, and I had 6 fish, 5 keepers, with the biggest a LMB in the 4 pound range. Chocolate milk colored water was flowing in, along with some debris. Water temps 52-55. 

I quit when I caught my limit fish, and made it back to TMR in plenty of time for the Friday Night Prime Rib special at Cookie’s. If you haven’t had it, try it Cajun Style, medium rare. It was worth the trip down, even if I hadn’t caught a single bass!

The next day I fished with an old friend from the forum. We started about 9:30AM at the Spring Creek ramp. Water color had made it a bit farther downstream. There were boats everywhere in Spring Creek, so we cranked up and ran down the lake a bit.

Caught a couple keeps cranking, but the morning was much slower than I’d hoped. As the wind picked up in the afternoon, we found some nice smallmouth in a windy pocket off of the main lake on a jerk bait. Fishing our way back to the ramp we ended the day with some more solid keepers cranking the muddy water in Spring Creek, seeing some water temps in the dirty water as high as 58.

I think we ended with a few over 15 fish in the boat, with a very healthy keeper to short ratio, but no huge fish. Best five in that 13-14 pound range. Later I heard the derby out of Pontiac took 22 pounds with a 7 pound plus as Big Bass. 


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