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Got out Wednesday after the storms, about 3pm. Fished around Spring Creek and the Little North Fork arms. Muddy runoff everywhere as one would guess. Nothing wanted to play in the mud for me, but I managed to put 4 fish in the boat, fishing chunk rock points outside spawning coves. I did get a 21” and a 22” LMB on nearly back to back casts. 

Today (Thursday) was a totally different deal. I started around 10am after eating a killer Ham and Cheese omelet at Cookie’s while waiting for the heavy fog to burn off. High skies, very light and changing winds made me give up my crankbait bite and I headed down lake with the idea of finding some smallmouth. 

Lots of looking and some catching later, I ended the day with 15 or so in the boat, all brown fish except for two keeper sized spotted bass. Nothing huge, but 5 keeper smallies along with the 12-14” pullers. Flat gravel on the Ned rig was the deal. Water temps around 58 this afternoon. 



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