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Big Ed’s Guide Service

Bill Babler

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Just got off the phone with Big Ed Franko, and his report was outstanding. Top water and a jig. 

Mornings are fantastic on top water in the dam area. He told me his clients are catching about 30 fish a morning on top. Most on a Whopper Plopper  

When that slows for bigger fish he is switching to a big jig on main lake stuff in 25 to 35 foot and doing really well on 3 to 5 pound fish. 

Said it’s the best he has seen on the lake in the last 15 years, for this time of year. He contributed it to lots of current in the dam area. 

If you get a chance with the cooler weather this week, LO might be the place to go. 

To speak to Ed his number is 573-692-6710.  He is booked full but is a great resource for the dam area and a Heck of a nice guy. 

His trips usually end around 11 and of course he hits the hay early so if you want to visit with him call after 11am and prior to 9pm. 

Good Luck


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