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Finally got back out there....7/22 and 7/25

Steve McBasser

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After a 6-7 week layoff I finally made it back down to Table Rock. Andy and I put in at about 4:15pm way up James River and fished in the 102* heat. The fish didn't seem to care. We caught 'em real good. Then Gary and I put in at the same place at about 6:15am and we caught 'em even better..... Bright sun, very little breeze and 100*+ temperatures both days and the bite was steady all day. When we loaded up Monday evening the water temperature was 90.8*..... Summer time in the Ozarks....








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They can't all be monsters..... We found a huge school of fish hanging out by a very distinct piece of cover and they just stayed there all day. I would throw a Bandit crank bait in a shad pattern and just run it through the school. Then, when they quit hitting that I'd throw a speed shad and count it down and reel it at a medium retrieve and pick up a few more. We wore them out a couple of times and had to leave them for a few minutes. But we could always come back to them and catch some more. It was a great couple of days with tons of bites which is exactly what I needed after being down and out for some many days. Hope ya'll are catching them too....

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