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Coming down early November


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The wife and I are coming down early November.  Have a place on Table Rock.  Just like to drink a couple beers and troll for stripers.  Don t fish very hard.  If we troll silver and blue rattle traps around 25/18 feet deep.  Any chance of getting a striper? Any ideas where to troll?  Again we’re lazy fisherman.   THANKS FOR ANY INFO. 

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I'd look for them around the mouth of Indian Creek, the dam area, and the river channel running from the dam down to Starkey park.  If there are calm mornings you should see some busting on top which well help a lot with finding them.  Also keep an eye out for other striper fishermen and striper guides, generally they will be around fish.

If I was going to troll, I'd pull an umbrella rig with swimbaits that are close to the size of the shad that they are feeding on.  Or I'd pull something like a 3.3 Keitech Fat on a 1/4 oz swimbait head, or maybe a 3.8 on a 3/8 or 1/2 oz head.  Your Rattle Traps may work fine, I never fish them.

Water may be very clear on that end of the lake, fish might be very spooky, try and be as stealthy as you can be and get your stuff as far away from the boat as you can.  

You can also get some brood minnows and Hook, Line and Sinker in Rodgers, drift them underneath a balloon.

Maybe bfishn will chime in, he knows a lot more about those stripey things in Beaver lake than I do.  @bfishn

I'll probably start poking around up by Indian Creek late October, early November and will try and remember to let you know if anything striper related is going on.  

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Predicting October is tough, it depends on the weather and water temps. The bulk of Beaver stripers spend the summer months within a few miles of the dam. After turnover (typically October), schools will congregate at/near the mouths of the major  creek arms* all over the lake, but there's quite a bit of open water roaming while they get there. That pattern will hold  till water temps reach the mid-low 50s, when they'll make morning/evening runs to the backs of those same creek arms.

Everything Quill mentioned above is good advice. Find the large schools of shad on your graph and you'll be in the zone.  If I had to start raw in October, I'd start trolling large circles just outside a creek arm mouth, working toward, and  eventually inside the arm. If you find nothing, move to the next creek and do it again.

*by major creek arms, I mean any cove/arm that's at least a half-mile long, regardless of whether there's active creek inflow or not.

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