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Fishing Report 8 Oct 22


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Spent 10 hours on the river minus a small lunch break.  There as very large hatch (to me anyway) of what I think were tricos, and they were everywhere.  I'm pretty sure the trout were focused on emergers as they sipping or jumping, and not hitting my normal go to's.  I tried a bunch, but simply didn't have a good morning.  I lost three... two on a small wet fly and one on small leach (thanks to a bad knot, ugg).  The afternoon the Tricos were still active, but at a lessor rate and small brown caddis (size 16 maybe) were hatching also.  I did much better in the afternoon bringing 10 or so. 

There was a gent down on my section of the river that just looked the part, and he was the only one catching in the morning.  In the afternoon, I caught him in a break and asked his secret, he was dead drifting a wooly of his making.  I think he said size 6, but maybe 16.  I kind of regret not asking to see it, but figured I interrupted his day enough. So, if the elderly fly fisher with the great pointed beard is reading this... please what was the recipe.  

I was trying out a box of simple flies.  You can see the post in the fly tying forum.  However, the savior of the day was a simple peacock nymph with a hot orange hop spot. Second place goes to a simple thread midge w/CDC puff.  I caught both under a small foam caddis, which brought in one as fish hit all around it.  My fishing buddy did decent in the morning on a red worm and a red midge pattern.  I don't know if red was the secret or just coincidence. 

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Trico's swarming, and "dead drifting a wooly"..... Likely this one...IMG_20221009_203218429~2.jpg

Called a "Train wreck", or "Traffic jam".

Imitates a cluster of Trico's, it can be a killer below TanVat.   Size 14-16 

Pieces of cream colored Ultra-chenille singed on the ends, and grizzly hackle.  Nothing else.   

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