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Dam C&R area 2/27


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I took the boat up to the C&R area this morning as they were running around 4 units. Fishing has been pretty good up there the last couple weeks due to a consistent shad kill most days. However today I did not see any shad coming thru the generators, but the fish were still keying on anything white. Ended the morning with a dozen nice rainbows and 1 decent brookie. Best fly was a white streamer shad imitation drifted with the current and the stripped back real slow. Lost a big rainbow that looked to be around 24" when he jumped. He took a bunch of line and finally broke the 5x. The wind really got to cranking around mid-morning which made it difficult to cast. I think the shad kill may be about over with the warmer weather.

Here's a few pics...

2-27 a rz.jpg

2-27 b rz.jpg

2-27 c.jpg


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