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A couple crappie trip updates


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There’s a full moon glowing.  It’s kinda like a disco ball for the crappie spawn.  Ought to get them boys to start putting on their tuxedos, moving to the bank looking for a prom date.  But, this is the way I see it here on most of Beaver Lake at the moment…  They all doing that fashionably 15 minutes late to the dance.  Some desperate guys are already at the dance but the girls are a still playing mind games with them.   The weather is kind of like the DJ that keeps playing fast songs.  We need more warmer nights and hotter days…. That’s like when the DJ starts playing slow songs…  That’ll get the girls ready to mix and mingle.  Get it lol…. Just being silly 


I don’t ever fish the bank.  I always stay out on the ledges down gravel banks catching the females.  Don’t want those skinny males.  They just don’t stand a chance.  To me the females here move in at night and move out during the day.  Not saying the all do that but a good number do.  


Last couple trips fish are terribly scattered and finicky.  Pressure deal on one trip and gale force winds the other.  If the wind would ever would quit blowing, I would be able to fish the ledges more effectively.  Next two days look manageable.  We’ll see.  


Lake level is full as a tick 1129.5.  Water clarity is stained and water temp 55-56.  Caught fish up a main feeder creek in 20-17 fow at about 10 feet deep.


Setup still minnow rigging with 16ft BnM BGJP’s and 1/2 oz minnow rigs that I build up with Pico Lures/Vanguard Terminal Tackle.  They mostly been tacking straight meat the past few trips.  


Back at again the next couple days,  Looking prime next week weather wise.  Good fishing Lance






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