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What do you do when in a funk?

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I have been in a funk since roughly the first of February. I literally missed out on the walleye run....maybe caught 10 total when that was normally a days catch under normal years run. My only real catch was crappie in South Arkansas with a guide. 

I fished one evening last weekend up Kings for Whites. Saw plenty of catching but caught none myself. Moved to Tailwaters, put in at Holiday Island, fished all the way to spider creek and managed to catch 1 single 4-5 in. bass in leatherwood cove. Ran all the way to trout water to ensure I caught something and blanked on trout after 2 hours. 

I thought the trout water would break the funk....I have had many, many days of 10+ fish days in short timing on jigs up there. Nope, nothing, nada. How do you just short of guarantee to break the funk? 

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Table Rock can sooth your soul. Right now, the LM are moving to the beds. Buck bass are cruising and vulnerable. Two weeks to four weeks from now, the sows will be seriously on the beds.

Not all fish spawn at the same time, so moving baits may still work.

Top water time is less than a month away for bass. It will last into June.

Within the next two to three weeks, walleye will be back down to Holiday Island and below. Try Ned rigs on large rock steep banks, especially with timber. Walleye love them.

Bluegill move to the beds in May and June. Walleye and bass will ambush them.

In other words, the best/easiest time of the year is coming soon.

Keep the faith, brother.



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