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May 10 Shell Knob to Emerald Beach

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Just a lazy day up the White out of SK.  Started at 5:40 and was the 5 th. boat at the bridge ramp.  Surface temps at 68 degree and they really stayed about the same, all morning  When I put her on the trailer at Noon it was 68.2  


Really not a crowd today, when I got back to the ramp only 3 rigs in the lot.


Kind of reverse order for me, jig bite early then topwater mid-morning  had maybe 10/12 keeps and could have weighed in 13.5 pounds of LM, all coming off shallow docks.  

Surge Shad, Keitech and Dixie Jet on 30’ deep gravel finished me off, and I left them biting. 

Hopefully we have guys coming to side the house tomorrow and framers for my boat barn. 


Good Luck



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