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Lower end 6/1

MO Huzgr

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Got on water early, wanted to get the early topwater bite.  Put in LBV north at 5:30 and got 3 stripers, nothing big just fun size.   Got a nice smallies topwater and a few others.

TW bite shut off at about 645 and then it was tough sledding with slick calm.   Needed some wind I think.   Got a few here and there but packed it in at 1030.




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Very nice!  I was out there early today, caught 4 stripers between 2-3 lbs., a big white bass, and some dinky smallmouth.  Mostly on top water.  Bite shut down about 0730, I mean it shut down, and I left at 0915.    

Saw in the news yesterday they found the body of a ER Doctor from Cassville over by LB South.  His car, wallet, cellphone were in Cassville but they found him, he'd been shot, over by LB South.

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2 hours ago, Quillback said:

 Bite shut down about 0730, I mean it shut down, and I left at 0915.    

That is exactly my experience as in the bite shutting down.   Didn't know if that was the beginning of a new summer pattern or just related to the current weather pattern.

I have the first half of next week to do the early topwater bite, then off the water for 3-4 weeks taking care of spouse post shoulder surgery.  Hopefully my Garmin force gets delivered so I can get installed during that downtime.   Will help when chasing topwater.   Does the topwater bite go away for the summer?

Crazy news on that other front.   That is a pretty busy area so surprised no one saw anything.   I tried the SB South ramp once but didn't like that as much as the north ramp.


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Best wishes for your spouse's surgery and recovery!

It has been my experience that the top water striper bite ends anytime from mid-June to early July.  

I don't like that LB South ramp either.  

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