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Sulphur fishing 6-24


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The sulphur hatch seems to be past it's peak here on the White river. I saw considerably fewer sulphurs coming up this morning. With that said, the fishing is still good as there are fewer natural bugs to compete with. The hatch started at 9am and stopped around 10:30. Cracklebacks worked well before the hatch started and then a size 16 sulphur dry fly was good during the hatch. Ended the morning with a couple dozen rainbows and this pretty cutthroat, which may have been a Bonneville as it had fewer spots than the Snake river variety. Missed a bunch of takes due setting the hook too quickly. Still trying to learn how to pause when they take the fly. 






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9 hours ago, fshndoug said:

can you post a picture of the fly


If you look at my post from 6-12, there is a picture of the fly.


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