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6/24-25 Oak Outdoors Tournament

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Had a good couple days on the Rock, not what I needed to win, but hooked enough quality to have done way better.  Fished the Oak Outdoors tournament and those hammers flat caught the good'uns. I got look around Friday afternoon a little and found both shallow and deep fish, fairly easily to my surprise. Opted to fish deep brush were I thought I could get bigger fish (I believe that along with LS is how it was won). I couldn't get a good reaction bite (deep or shallow) so I used the ol big worm and went to the middle of the piles and you don't get all of those fish to the boat. Water temp 81ish +, Water color a great fish catching color with still good clarity depending on the boat waves. Fished 5:30am-1 Sat and 5:30-1:30 Sun to beat the heat and the pleasure boats (they where out in force).  I concentrated in the 14'-20' zone and had the quality bites to have done better. I only managed to get in 4 keepers sat and only managed to get 2 in the boat Sunday with several still left in the piles, not many short fish caught. Did manage to get a 5lb wally on the spoon and a couple whites to jump on it, but the bass just either swiped on ran. Great group of guys and they had a good feed for us Friday night at Extreme Outdoors. The fish seem to be heading towards the deeper wood.  I had 10-12 piles with some standing trees mixed in and around them between the James and Cow and just rotated through them. If you can bounce through the boat wakes the fish are there to catch. 

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