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Above Delaware Town


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Spent some time above Delaware Town today. Made it to Wilson’s Creek. Did pretty well. White spinner bait and Roboworm worked best. Here’s the two biggest. 

The smallmouth had a crawdad in its throat! You can barely see it. My spinnerbait must have interrupted his morning snack. IMG_0731.thumb.jpeg.0c47eb002d2e66133089ca918d957bc2.jpegIMG_0732.thumb.jpeg.97c2116b38b9ee2300efd1694f181382.jpegIMG_0733.thumb.jpeg.458cafd57a0026e8556d89b5990bfb79.jpeg

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5 hours ago, Nick Adams said:

Where do you put in and take out for that float? Doesn't seem like a lot of access through there the times I've scouted.

PM sent 

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