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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

Warming lakes brings record mirror carp for Powersite bow fisherman

After a far-too-cold spring, Ozarks lakes are finally starting to warm up.

No one knows that better than Powersite bow fisherman Casey Rains, who shot a 32.95-pound mirror carp Monday night that should easily eclipse the current Bowfishing Association of America record for a Missouri mirror carp.

"We were on the upper end of Bull Shoals Lake, in a semi-secret spot," said Rains. "We were out looking for big gar coming up from a deep channel and found this one cove with a spring flowing in back where the water was really clear."

Click for Full Story  Wes Johnson, WJOHNSON@NEWS-LEADER.COM


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It's not a recognized record by MDC standards or books, I believe MDC classifies mirrors as commons, It is however a record for the Missour chapter of The Bowfishing Association of America which you have to be a member of to have the record recognized.

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