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Relentless Search for whites

Me and @Harps had plans to hit the Lil Sac on Saturday determined to catch some fish. We didn’t check the gauge at Morrisville until we were well on our way. 469cfs. Weird. It had jumped to almost 1,000 over night and it was a lovely shade of brown when we arrived. Our plan was to paddle upstream. But we decided this was not the place. So we took off in search of some better water. 

First to Hulston Mill access on Turnback. It was like the ocean. We weren’t going to paddle that safely. 

Next was 160 access. But it didn’t look much better. 

Headed over to the Sac. Saw some surface activity and it looked promising but not enough to put in.

Map check. Here’s a spot on Turnback we never been to. So back to Turnback we went. Looked good. Water was clear. Gear up. So it’s around 3 by now and we have the discussion about paddling up like we had planned or go down. @Harps called down and away we went. We got maybe a mile or a little more downstream and Jeff found the spot. We took turns in his spot. He’d catch a fish and while he was stringing it up I’d make a cast or sometimes two and hook up. We just kept repeating this until around 6:30 when we decided we needed to get back to the truck. Current was strong. Fighting a headwind. Cold. It was awesome. 

We carried out 18. But we could have easily limited our and probably caught somewhere close to 30 fish. All caught on clousers. Tan/chartreuse chartreuse/white orange/chartreuse red/pink. I don’t think they cared. 


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