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  1. Thinking about floating from lindenlure to ozark park. Anyone have any feedback about conditions or dangers right now?
  2. Wanting to float from Linden to Ozark park. 1. Is it clear right now or log jammed? 2. How long of a float is it? I'll stop and fish from time to time ? Thanks all
  3. Looking for ideas on watercraft that you all use on the Finley and other rivers other than a canoe or kayak. Wanting to take my 3 year old and need a little more stability. Just missed a paddle Jon to another buyer. Are small jons like a 14x42 manageable on the river? Would love a jet, but that's just too high $$$. I once saw some guys on a pond prowler on th niangua. Mostly wanting to put in at the park and run up. Thanks. N
  4. I am not sure there is much difference between a gas or electric engine in terms of the number of hits you will get. My experience has been with a Minnkota iPilot and I love it. With the remote control, speed control, and autopilot I am free to work around the boat while the troller does the work. I run a 24volt 80lb unit on a 19 foot ranger and can troll up to 8 hours. I would recommend a 26 volt system for bigger boats or longers days. The upside to electric - Autopilot, no registration or maintenance, no gas or oil. Down side - replacing batteries once every 2 years.
  5. I am debating which lake to buy a little piece of land around . Pomme, bull shoals, table rock, Stockton, Truman . We are looking for a place around a lake so we can enjoy it year round....hunt, fish, water sports w kids, etc.....so, what are your thoughts on Stockton hunting?
  6. Gotcha. Went up the other night under the lights and had the same experience......slowwwwwwww
  7. I typically troll a little earlier in the year. Is anyone still picking up fish trolling cranks? Thanks
  8. Looking to come down Tuesday with a boat to chase some trout. Can someone please tell me if there is a phone number for anticipated dam flow? I have the number that tells you the current output. Would any of you experts down there assume they will run all 4 units until the lake comes down?
  9. Thanks! I also do a lot of vertical crappie fishing in the winter and 6 works good for that too, so I guess I will fork out the dough!
  10. A hillarious presentation with a very accurate message! Love it!
  11. Quick question about Ned Line....... Is 8lb floro too heavy? I have settled on floro line......going to trying seaguar invizx. I've heard good things. Since it's so expensive (at least compared to what I am used to with mono), I'd like to get 8lb so I can also use it for a few other applications as well as the NED. I have heard many recommendations for 6 with Ned, what's the down side to 8? Thanks
  12. I think we should all be fine with guys who follows game regulations. Our true beef should be with the guys who don't......short fish, over the limit, multiple limits in one day, illegal methods, etc. Those are the true thieves of our precious resource.
  13. Could another reason the length limit was increased and number you can keep was reduced is there are a far greater number of fisherman today than there were 30 years ago?
  14. Great trip. Too funny arch! Agreed.
  15. You know I reread the other posts again and I have to say I can't believe we're giving this guy a hard time for following regulations. I am sure mdc has established length and creel limits with the future in mind. This is a renewable resource. as long as regulations are adhered to the population should be just fine for all kids including my own. It's like saying no one should kill a deer.....just take a picture of it. I would have to agree with this though.......I'd eat walleye and catfish any day over bass!!
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