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    Polar Bear

    Wow! 18#+ sounds like a mighty good day!
  2. Hey Dan, good to hear from you. Glad to see the boat is getting a workout. Is that middle pic a Wiper? Right shape but solid lines. Haven't seen many since they stopped stocking them. Nice fish!
  3. Blll


    Really interesting thread. Every few days I go back to the first post and smile reading how it has evolved. Guess not many of us are fishin' lately. So my 2 cents from an old guy: Having "faith" to me means believing in something that can't be seen or proven. I have no problem with science as to me that is just another good thing created by God. Each generation strays from the principles and beliefs of their parents. Not really poor parenting, just different outside influences. Us "Boomers" were influenced by TV. Our parents were not. Think about our TV. The good guys always won. The policeman was a good guy and caught crooks. That is the belief system we had impressed on us at a young age. Not so today. Our kids were born into the internet influence. My grand kids(10) are growing up with video games,(ever watch 5 minutes of Grand Theft Auto?), and social media. Remember we grew up with "Sticks and stones ...but words will never hurt you". Now kids kill themselves over "tweets" . As our age group dwindles, we will become more annoyed by everything if we let ourselves. I choose to fondly recall the past, embrace the present and hope for the future. Schools do a terrible job, in my opinion, teaching history. My teen grandkids look at some pics/medals from Vietnam and ask "who were you fighting". But just think, a history class has only so much class time and another 60 years of history to teach. The Civil War gets very little attention in most schools. WW2, How many current students can speak of a family member who fought in any US war? My last rant: What ever happened to "look both ways before you cross the street" . Driven through a Walmart parking lot lately? Peace to all and Merry Christmas!
  4. What were the results of the striper tourney out of PC last Saturday? I got whomped by the tornado and will be clearing trees for some time. Just wondered how it went.Thanks!
  5. LOL! The absolute best description ever.
  6. As you see there is no "right" answer to your question. While I've never guided professionally, I have taken business clients fishing back up north. I tried to have plan A and plan B and ask them what they would prefer, casting, live bait or trolling. Since moving to Rogers 5 years ago, and being blessed with fishing that mystery lake named Beaver, I've had many friends come down to fish. I'm usually surprised when I ask them what they would like to do as fishing for stripers or crappies takes a whole different set of tackle, and is much more species specific that fishing a natural lake up north. Mostly the answer is to "just catch some fish". Good for you to "take the temperature" of folks on the forum but perhaps not a typical mindset of a vacation client. I know I'm going to be in your boat one day to learn to fish off shore. (still hope to put some in the boat). JMO Be well.
  7. Not much C-P-R in bow fishin' is there. Guess they just have to kill something to feel good. JMO
  8. Blll

    old school walleyes

    Quick comment on the walleyes this year. Out last evening for 2 hrs. Tried a different area than last. Beaver continues to amaze me that in-coming rain/storms do not seem to have a positive effect on the fish activity. Raining, yes I've had good bites while it is raining. But the pre frontal effect seems nil. Anyway only one fish last night but it was a nice 20" eye. Just my small sample but I have already caught more walleyes than all last year and they all seem fat & healthy. No so last year as most were scrawny. Have a safe 4th all and read up on Nike's latest.
  9. Just a short report on a short outing. Got out last night from 6:30 to 8:30. Trolled cranks, looking for walleyes. I found a 100 yard stretch and caught 4 eyes, 2 just short & 2 keeps. also caught a 2#+ LM and a 3# catfish. I was happy with that for a 2 hour trip. Caught all fish in 15 to 20 fow. Tried several passes deeper with nothing. Trolled at 1-1.4 MPH. WT was 83.I only caught fish on passes against the breeze, none trolling with it. What was interesting to see, was in a 4 bait spread, all the fish were caught on a Lazy Ike. I'm an old yankee so I've used this lure my whole fishing life but never thought to use it here. I guess walleyes are walleyes. Going to try a classic floating Rapala next time out. Be well all.
  10. Hello! I too use power pro on my spinning reels. But, it is super limp and I've found something I like better for throwing topwater. Berkley makes a braid called Tracer. It is not as easy to find as some other lines but it's out there.It is sort of a camo finish with alternating black and lime colors. What I like about it the slightly more stiffness to it. I use 30# and can cast typical topwater, spooks & ploppers a mile. With a 15# mono leader, I never get hook tangles unless I make a sloppy cast. JMO
  11. Besides finding the fish, Don can be quite funny if in the mood. Dry humor had us in tears last time out.
  12. Quill, I bet that was fun on top. Since they no longer are stocking hybrids, nice to find one. I've not caught one for 2 years. Great fish but they really did pound on the crawfish base. Interesting to see how the balancing attempts play out. Not finding much striper action mid lake at all.
  13. Blll

    Quick trip 5/10

    Pretty raw morning with stiff breeze & high 40's temp. Went looking for crappies and had no luck shallow, deep, jigs or meat. Switched over to a spinnerbait and had a 3+ LM throw it right at the boat on her 3rd jump. Quiet 30 minutes so out came ned. 5 bass in 30 minutes anchored by another just shy of 3#'s. Not shallow. All bass came in about 10-12 fow on shelf rock drops or chunk banks. Had to leave, of course by then it was a beautiful day to ride in with. wt 63-65. Lots of boats pre fishing for Sat. JMO, saw a thread about ned with red head and shad/white Zinker. It has been working great with many catching it on the way down.
  14. Really small sample but the water moving into the brush has not seemed to entice the fish to follow. Wasted an hour with spinnerbait in brush. Not a look. Moved out to where they have been and they still are, it's just 2' deeper. 7:00 - 10:30, 4 keeper sized bass and 3 shorts. , 6 crappies, all 11-13". All on 3.3 Keith. Nothing in less than 10 fow. WT 61-63. Male crappies really black. Lots of floaters out there.
  15. Bill maybe a silly question but no one seems to use your deep water tactics on Beaver. They must work here. Bass are bass but nobody I know fishes deep until drop shotting starts. I've been out there for many FLW stops on Beaver and saw no one fishing in 35 fow. Same with the Bass Cat thing last week. There must be some pretty good sticks in their group and no one was facing out. Working on finding time to come and learn from you. Thank you for your great reports.
  16. I talked to Scott several times when we moved here in 14'. Taught me how to catch stripers and was very easy to chat fishin' with. I don"t know what went sideways but all his great posts ended. I heard he was working in Bella Vista. If they have some type of marina there, that's where he was. Too bad, he really was willing to share. His banter with Doc was entertaining as well as helpful. Very few post from Doc anymore. Hope they are well. I still read his old posts as they still hold true. Thanks Scott!
  17. 3 of us had a surprising walleye bite on Thursday. Just bank pounding for bass, I threw out deeper and lost a really nice eye at the boat. So we pulled out a little deeper and and wound up with 6 walleyes, 3 keepers that wound up as dinner, and 3 shorts just touching 17". Buddy caught a really nice 21". The eyes seemed to be in 12 to 15 fow. Very small sample but the walleyes seem much healthier than the last couple of years. All we caught were thick and really frisky. The bass were hard to find, very scattered. No smallies, they must be done with the spawn. Can't really tell if the LM are in, done, or what. WT 60-61. Lots of Bass Catters pre fishing. Tried to look for crappies on sunny Friday but most of my banks had 2-3 Bass Cats on them. Nice looking boats, I don't need to go 70mph anymore. Sadly no one told them about no wake zone around rt 12 bridge.
  18. Pretty dark complection so spf 15 was more than enough for my neck, ears and nose. Used to think "raccoon eyes" was just a sign of having a good day. Started taking meds for high blood pressure and all bets were off! Spf 30 now with the buff and long sleeves. Skin doc is watching at least 3 splotches on my grill. I still tan but its July before you'd know it. Daughter at 30 has been cut on 3x already. I agree Wrench, walking around off the water with buff, hat and sunglasses is a little much.
  19. Idled around the islands this morning with thick fog. Missed 2 brooder hits, just came unbuttoned during initial run. Decided to go find a crappie bay. Boom! Striper grabbed my RR in 6 fow. 28" striper came in after lengthy fight on U/L rod & 6# test. Love that Schimano drag. Continued down gravel bank and caught a couple shorts and a nice 3# (just shy) Smallie. Finally found some crappies and caught 6 pigs 13"-15". Gorgeous day. WT 53-56 in coves. Main lake 50-51. Let the fun begin.
  20. I wanted a true fishing boat but with full windshield and extra seating. Reata filled those needs plus higher freeboard safer on larger water. Zero complaints. Single wish would be a way to store rods better on shorter front deck. Not a huge problem.
  21. Speaking for the Rogers store, great guys. Helpful to athis old man carrying batteries. Pro Guide battery as starter with plenty of reserve, going strong on 4 years. Military discount too.
  22. Thumbs, you're so right about "too often". Since we moved here in 2014, I'm amazed by the number of drownings on Beaver. It's not that busy compared to many other waters. I'm thinking our blessing of being able to fish all year has something to do with it. If I recall, most of the incidents happen in the cold water season. You guys have convinced me that the inflatable stays on. I fish alone most of the time and I always ask the BIG GUY for a safe trip, not biting fish. Happy 1st Day of Spring!
  23. We live near the Hwy 12 ramp. Saturday, mid-day, there were several emergency vehicles converged in the parking lot. My wife just told me the local news reported a 56 year old man was found dead in the water with his boat floating nearby. Vehicle was still on the ramp with engine running. No more info reported. Sad. Let's all be careful and make it home from every trip.
  24. Just a heads-up. Academy has them on sale for $9.99. All sizes/types. Very good selection of colors.
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