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  1. nice fish , glad to see you on water, best of wishes to the family
  2. very impressive , looks like a one of a kind day .
  3. reading your trip reports always make me wanna get on the river.
  4. I thought it was a young common black snake , I'm not sure though. ui always am watchful when brush bustin.
  5. BronzebackWarrior


    4/4/17 been busy and haven't had chance to post my last couple trips , i went to my higher water spot , i had a sense the fish would be their and active ,threw a road runner to start the 8 inch to 10 inch spots were loving it, then whack somethin with a lil more weight hit , a goood crappie , darn ive never caught crappie here caught 4 total crapie 2 shorts , found numerous 10 to 12 inch spots , all the fish were coming within the same small swimming pool size area , some hitting as the road runner settled to the bottom, some hit as the bait was gonna rise out of the the water as i finished retrieve , a drum drum tested my drag , i thought where are the smallies ? there always a few mixed in at thish spot with the spots ,so i switch to the Mitch craw i call it that cause i acquired mine when they were known as the mitch craw , after a few twitches the smallies instantly responded i hooked the one pictured the way it should be done , but two others that were a lil bigger got off as i was about to bank them , caughts some drum and smaller mean mouth, i caught about 15 fish , missed 5 mostly on the craw drum spots meanmouths crappie small mouth , few that drop jaws though the 2crappie were niccce but it was a fun time , and all the action was in a very small area ,it was a good time , and the instant reaction to the craw on the same angled casts in the same area as the road runner was cool to see, know im sitting at home thinking how a nice smalles still roaming at that spot , and it gives me a bad itch to be twitchin a craw
  6. darn nice i thought i measured a 19 incher last year , but i dont got a big numbered tape like some of you and was alll jittery and shaking from the fight , seeing some a the fish you picture make me know mine was nott a 19 inch fish, tthanks for sharing
  7. sounds like a good day, especially when you slip it in before a cold snap .
  8. i have been enjoying the sights of fall on the river a lot lately, mostly wading and bank fishing around stl county , i haven't had a truly consistent day yet or find a pattern i could grasp. been fishing riprap and eddies , shallow rocky runs , front of rapids, been using jigs , crankbaits , top water,, craw imitations. i caught a white bass and sauger back to back casts on white jigs in a place i have seen whites caught before but have yet to have consistent success keeping on the whites, , been able to take 3 spots home , released 2 good 11 -13 inch smallies . and had 3 sauger that were all around 13inch, this is all over a couple outings and the fishing is sporadic at best , i try to be attentive as i can to how the bait was being presented at time of strike the depth and structure ,it seems though i never find a stack of fish ,? is it just fall tendency and there spread out searching for bait ? or should i be focusing on deep water and try and find a steep drop off?? i wanna hear some the veterans fall fishing tactics, whatt you look for ? and why ?
  9. thanks to all its cool to share with a community who appreciate fish like this .
  10. 9/20/2016 Went to a decent spot I know on the big river , , I was throwing flicker shad tiger stripecolor off the bank into an eddie created by the higher water when I had a violent strike it struck near the middle of my retrieve in about 3 oe 4 foot of water i think , at first I thought it was a gar as it made some quick and HARD runs right away , I had also a couple of follows from gar and they were surfacing in front of me constantly , after some battling and violent head shakes the fish showed itself when it jumped darn near a foot and half out of water and splashed down like a heavy rock thrown from shore , my heart raced at the sight of that brown flash as it launched itself not once but twice , , andrenaline surged as I fought the fish knowing I had something big and brown it wasn’t a long fight , prolly two mins tops , I had to do the slow glide backward walk eeasing the fish onto the shore , I lipped the fish l and let out a loud explicit cheer i had a smallie in my hands that I knew might push 20 inches , the adrenaline rush I had from watching a massive smallie jump 5 ft in front me was top notch and had me trembling , I couldn’t get a great picture of the fish let alone one on top of my measuring tape, it was hard enough getting my phone and tape measure out with one hand and fish in another , bc I didn’t want it flopping about on shore . in the mayhem and rush of occurences you could can see I could hardly get a good picture =(. Important thing is this beauty swam off intact and It hit the the magic 20” mark, my biggest smallie on lake or river by 2 inches , the belly on this fish was what had me odling , this was a thickkk an spunky fish , that will only continue to grow i know . After releasing fish I sat down on shore and basked in beauty around us at all times and the moment I just experienced, the adrenaline was still pumping through me I guess they’re could of been another their but I had already cast that area rigorously for 2 hours before I I found that pot of gold , I fed off the rush for ten or so moments ,jus sitting back and experiencing and observing the priceless ancient things around us the leaves swaying in the wind , rhythmic buzzing of sakadas , dragonflyw bunching on branches , , slowing down and appreciating time . celerabatry thoughts ran rthrough my mind , i thought that’s what the hell I do this for , I sent some pics and celebratory texts to some fishing friends and family , , I then headed back where I came , as I had plans in town I caught a 14 or 15 inch largemouth along the away, this fish hit on topwater , my first top water strike in a while for some reason . the ectasy that these types of experiences produce far out way the gloom of some hot fishless snagged days and Moloch time one gets sucked into in society . , get your fall gear ready , theyre plumpin up .
  11. I got down two days with family then a buddy came down for last couple days , another good time at the lake. started the first two days only fishing off dock, got an 18 inch smallie spooning in 15 20 foot off top of dock, and an 18 inch large mouth (diddnt have my phone though) it was in a group of three ,ive toyed with this pack of bruisers before this year to no avail , i was planning on going up to cabin at the moment i spotted them they were taking turns ramming into a herded minnow or blue gill school right on shore , i went grabbed my most trusty rapala threw into an inch of water, this was all happening between the dock cable and dock walkway, i slowly eased bait deeper, the smallest one hit it the other were 20 or so inches imo, the other two competitively tried to steal the bait out of mouth that set the precedent to come for next days in boat. also got that 16 incher on jig right off dock . We recently got a 86, 14 foot yamaha we got an old merc on it , 1000 or so invested came with good trailer , this was my first time taking a buddy out and being the handler of the craft . was fun exp , cudos to all you captain showing the ropes to young guys thats how i came to love fishing . it was hit or miss but was crazy when they were hitting every time we found fish they were fighting over our bait . my buddy tore it up in one main lake cove while i cursed at the trolley motor, buttons stuck hah , i like seeing fish caught we had to search for them extensively i had prior knowledge of some state fish attractors and usual spots weve done well , all fish caught in boat were from seven to 20 foot of water, TIger stripe flicker shad , jigs , we got lucky to find competitive feeders imo , we rarely changed tactics , just beat our heads against wall till it produced , no depth finder on boat yet hah work in progreess i hoooked a 10 incher off some man made rock piles of some sort , when i hear my buddy say holy cow theirs two nice ones going after the hooked fish , i diddnt pull the fish out let it fight and allowed them to stay in frenzy he cast crank bait and caught this nice one , awesome to catch miday fish in august , weather was mild as i recall and water temp dropped 4 degrees or 5 degrees from 8/12 ti 8/20 according to pontoon depth finder fat kentucky friend really loved colors on this one Get out there and do some work , appreciate the valuable reports and info shared , I Enjoy And Cherish these times
  12. haha thanks i usually dont butcher it.
  13. Greetings I sure enjoy reading the well written reports and valuable info that gets put on the TR forum, first time post on theTR forum but i do post on Meramec forum when i can , i generally lurk the good info and tactics used by you people ,I get down to the family cabin as much as possible, during those treasured times im fishing with my pops and Grandpa out of the pontoon usually trolling points and drop offs ,and searching for whites. They're not so much up for casting and actively fishing these days. I have some more cool walleye pics and other decent bass we have caught i cant find em right now i might put them up later. Stay cool , btw i recently got a boat and will have some questions thats for another post.
  14. thanks mr agnew darn youl be back HogWal, i cant look at your posts they raise my expectations to much,setting me up for disappointment i gotta expand my horizons get up to the mid mac a bit , safe travels
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