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  1. Lance is certainly the expert. I can’t help you much with that end of the lake but I have been fishing the South end quite a bit. If I can find shad balls I can usually find crappie. On the south end the water is not as clear as it is up north. Most of my fish have been in 13-20 fow. I’m typically fishing at about 10 feet but go up or down depending on what I see on the sonar. I suspect the crappie will be deeper on the North end as Lance has said. Good luck!
  2. Nice fish and thanks for the report. I found a few this afternoon just before dark but didn’t find the numbers I was after. Did manage to catch Walter though! not very big but the first walleye I’ve caught in Beaver.
  3. Greg B.

    I knew it!

    Good point. Having thought about it I think I may know where those fish might have moved to :). I always say finding and patterning them is half the fun. It’s fun making a plan for next time
  4. Greg B.

    I knew it!

    I think I may have to agree but I know Lance has put in the time to learn the lake. I’m really making an effort to do that myself but I keep finding myself flabbergasted every time I think I know what I’m doing.
  5. Greg B.

    I knew it!

    I knew I didn’t have em figured out yet. Two days in a row caught limits of nice crappie. Couldn’t beat em off of me. Went back 48 hours later and they’re gone. All the scanning and trolling I could do in 3 hours and within a half mile of that spot and no luck. Water temps rose 5 degrees and I assumed they went deeper but I couldn’t find them there either. These crappie are sure tough to figure out. One minute they’re all over you and then they’re nowhere to be found. Oh well, the kid and I sure enjoyed being out there. I guess finding them and figuring out the pattern is half the fun.
  6. Greg B.


    Went back for more this afternoon. Started at 5:30 and quit at 7:30. Kept 15 crappie and released a few keepers after that. Had my son with me this time and he wouldn’t let me break off the cats (intentionally anyway). Broke off three cats that I just couldn’t handle. Again, fish were very active. Caught most of them from about 7-10 feet down in 13-20 fow. jigs at about 1.4 mph. Close to deep water. Not as many shad on the sonar today but still plenty in the area.
  7. I found the same thing, including the catfish. Big ones. I didn’t even think there were that many catfish in Beaver Lake. Today was the most aggressive I’ve seen the crappie in awhile. Sped up the jigs a lot and they absolutely inhaled it.
  8. Long line trolling jigs this afternoon was crazy. Fish of all species were super aggressive. Trolling around 1.5 mph over 15-30 fow close to channel edges. Caught over 30 crappie and kept my limit. Also caught 7 blue and channel cats between 5-7 pounds and turned em loose. Lots of fun on a 14 foot rod and 6 pound test. Broke 3 more off. Wound up with 5 species! Many many bait balls on the sonar. I was trolling 1/8 oz jigs and color didn’t seem to matter. Watched two guys trolling cranks and I believe they limited as well. Today was pretty unbelievable considering how many days I’ve been after em this year. I believe it was Lance who said the time was right for trolling channel ledges. I appreciate his posts and have learned from them. The time was definitely right this afternoon.
  9. Again, good work. I haven't made it out since last weekend. With all the rain last week and yard work to do, it may take a bit for me to catch up! Once I have all of my work done, maybe I can get out there myself. A week ago Sunday I was finding fish "on the drop" at the edge of the main channel. Had trouble getting them to bite and only managed a few, but they were there. It may also have had something to do with my timing. Didn't start until later in the morning.
  10. Greg B.


    I don’t fish the North Half much but I’m not aware of anywhere around here to buy shad. Maybe somebody up that way can chime in with more info but I really don’t think you can get shad (live shad) locally. There are a few places you can get frozen shad for cat fishing but even those places are few and far between.
  11. Nice work again, Lance!
  12. Sad when that happens. Sunday afternoon was rough out there
  13. Interested to hear how you do. I’ve got a few spinner rigs made up as well.
  14. Sequoyah and elm dale both have a courtesy dock for sure. May have to call sequoyah to make sure it’s open. It was closed for awhile due to being a city lake and because of Covid fears. I like lake sequoyah myself but have been fishing out of blue springs and Roufa mostly of late.
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