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  1. Greg B.

    Got that fever

    Guess that’s what I was seeing then. Looked like crappie in the screen, but so tight to the bottom I wasn’t sure. I think I was fishing too high in the water column. Shoulda put a minnow in their face. Oh well, I still learned something. Thanks again for the report. I enjoy reading yours a lot .
  2. Greg B.

    Got that fever

    Tried em for 2 hours yesterday but just couldn’t get on em. Could see fish on the graph but all were deep, like close to the bottom in 15-20 feet. Not much luck for me but congrats to you on a fine catch. Also saw a very nice 5+ pound walleye back at the ramp. Good to see things are warming up out there.
  3. Greg B.

    Sunday afternoon hall pass

    You are exactly right. I never intended to fish where I did. I saw a crowd and thought “hey, they must know something I dont” and I gave in. In the end I should have stuck with my plan. I did actually go graph another area, a new area, but didn’t see anything worth killing a minnow over. Thanks again for the advice. Time on the water is what I need.
  4. Greg B.

    Sunday afternoon hall pass

    Yep. Thought that was you. I was in the green g3 boat and you passed me on your way in. Now I know for sure you’re a much better fisherman than me. I was there from 11-3 and boated 2.
  5. Greg B.

    First spider rigging run!

    Ps, I think I saw lance out there. Lance, if you were out there Sunday in a tracker, I’m pretty sure we were in the same neighborhood for awhile.
  6. Greg B.

    First spider rigging run!

    Got the new boat, new rod holders, new sonar, etc all tuned up and finally made it it to the lake Sunday. Apparently the bite was early. We started fishing at 11 and it seemed most of the boats we talked to caught their fish before we arrived. Wound up with two fairly nice crappie and missed 3 more. Had one at the boat that was really nice. Learning to get em in the boat with those long poles has a learning curve, and she got the benefit of that curve. Returned the two we boated to catch another day. All in all, since all of the equipment worked and we boated two, I’d say that’s a good start! Craziest thing happened, decided to run the boat up into a cove we’ve never fished and check things out on the sonar. At the very back end of the cove, we ran into one very large and very mad water moccasin! In January! I can’t say I expected to see a snake in 45 degree weather this time of year, but I guess I learn something every time I go out.
  7. Greg B.

    New Boat!!

    I’ll get some and post em at some point. I’ve been working in the dark when I get off work so the pics just weren’t an option.
  8. Greg B.

    New Boat!!

    I’ve spent the last week or so fixing up a new to me g3 1860 and getting it ready for some serious crappie fishing. I still have the smaller Xpress boat, but now that I live a few minutes from Beaver lake I wanted a bit larger boat for safety when taking the kiddo out. I installed a Garmin side view, a new millennium double front seat, and two millennium spider lol rod holders in the front. This boat will work a lot better for spider rigging as the front deck is much larger than the old boat. Last Saturday was to be the maiden voyage, but the giant cold front and snow didn’t agree with my plan. Now I just need the weather to cooperate and I’ll be back out there trying to fill the freezer. Fried up my last batch of catfish over the weekend so the fish freezer is totally empty. Time to restock!
  9. Greg B.

    Please help me price a rig

    I’d probably say maybe a touch higher. I have the same boat in a 2001 model but with a nearly new 40 hp motor. I bought it a few years ago and gave 6200 but most of the money in mine is in the motor. I would have said 4K - 4500 on yours.
  10. Greg B.

    They were hungry just not mad

    I’m gonna try it again soon. Still have a few family christmas visits to knock out, then should have a bit of time. Weather has been really nice the last few days.
  11. Greg B.

    Been awhile.. Slab Sunday

    Man, way to go! When you nab a limit in winter you’ve got it figured out! I’ll get there but it’ll take awhile. Good job and good eating .
  12. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    I wondered. It’s on both sides? Might just be interference. I’m still learning so I had to ask
  13. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    On the side scan sonar pic, I see the crappie and brush on the top right. Is the bar across the middle a dock float?
  14. Greg B.

    Not fishing report but...

    Nice hog and congrats to the young man! He'll tell that story for the rest of his life.
  15. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    I’m less worried about snow while fishing than I am getting back up my mountain pulling the trailer afterwards. During my duck hunting days I had a few of those days. I’m not as brave as I was then.

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