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  1. Greg B.

    Been awhile.. Slab Sunday

    Man, way to go! When you nab a limit in winter you’ve got it figured out! I’ll get there but it’ll take awhile. Good job and good eating .
  2. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    I wondered. It’s on both sides? Might just be interference. I’m still learning so I had to ask
  3. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    On the side scan sonar pic, I see the crappie and brush on the top right. Is the bar across the middle a dock float?
  4. Greg B.

    Not fishing report but...

    Nice hog and congrats to the young man! He'll tell that story for the rest of his life.
  5. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    I’m less worried about snow while fishing than I am getting back up my mountain pulling the trailer afterwards. During my duck hunting days I had a few of those days. I’m not as brave as I was then.
  6. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    Hope you guys have better weather than me. Forecasters calling for snow here Saturday. They’re usually wrong but it would be my luck that it would snow 5 inches as soon as I’m on the water!
  7. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    I’ve got 4- 14 foot bnm pro trollers right now and 2 12 footers. I know they’re somewhat short for rigging but I wanted to start on the short side. I’ve been using 1/2 ounce weights but will try heavier if I go deep again.
  8. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    Lance, thanks for chiming in. I’ve read most of your posts about crappie in the area and was hoping you would jump in. Rigging deep deep is not going to be any fun, I can already tell. I did some at 18 feet a few weeks ago and didn’t care for it. If I can find some fish a little shallower I’ll be happy. It sounds like fish can be caught about anywhere, I just have to find em and start learning.
  9. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    Thanks again to all that have replied. That's what I'm getting at I guess. Shrapnel catching a bunch of fish in 3-6' of water, others catching fish deep on brush. I figure this stuff is all very lake, temperature, weather specific and it takes a really long time and lots of experience to have much idea where to start on any given day, at least in the winter time. My gut seems to say that fish should be deep when the water temp is in the 40s, but I still keep seeing folks catching fish shallow. The temps here are miserably cold and the wind hasn't given it a break in several days. I guess when i get a decent day, I'll put the boat in and give it a try somewhere, most likely deep to start.
  10. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    I’m using the Millenium holders and running 6 poles when spider rigging. I can long line out the back as I have separate bases back there. When long lining I usually try running poles out the sides as I have a standard foot control trolling motor. Kinda hard to get to the back of the boat to land a fish and still keep the boat running straight. I might be wrong but I assumed slower to be better in the winter. That’s why I was thinking pushing or single pole rather than long lining this time of year?
  11. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    Thanks for the replies so far. As soon as I can get a warmer day with little wind I plan to give it a go. I think I’ll spend a good amount of time on the sonar at first. My Garmin unit will show the crappie if I can find them. Just have to find them I guess
  12. Greg B.

    Winter Crappie Question

    I’m a new member but have been reading posts here for a few weeks. I live within 5-10 minutes of the blue Springs area of the white river and grew up catching crappie in this area of the lake during the spawn. We didn’t fish for them much outside of April back then. I’ve now got my boat rigged up and ready to try them outside of the spawn. Spider rig rod holders, side scan, etc. Last summer I told myself it was time to go learn the lake better and learn to catch crappie outside of the spawn. My son and I trolled cranks in July and caught a few nice ones (but not a lot). Also got to learn a bit about the side scan sonar and found a few brush piles I didn’t know existed. Unfortunately outboard troubles sidelined me until about a month ago. Im now ready to try some winter crappie. I tried rigging minnows on Sequoyah the last two trips because I wanted to make sure the outboard was in good shape before hitting beaver in November. I managed a few dinks at Sequoyah but again, not many. Im wanting to hit Beaver again and start learning. I’m thinking of running the sonar a good bit around the deeper channel edges north of the 412 bridge and trying to find a few fish to try spider rigging out there if the wind will allow. Heres the question. I see all of these posts about folks fishing deep, shallow, shooting docks, main channels, up the creeks, etc. As I have no idea where to start the learning curve, all of this is a bit confusing to me. It almost seems that crappie in the winter may be about anywhere? Some folks fish deep and some shallow. From where I’m at I can go deep or up the river to more shallow water. Is searching the channel ledges a good place to start? If I start looking North of the 412 bridge where the channel drops are pretty deep and severe will I at least be in an area where I can start learning at this time of year? Not looking for any specific locations, just want to make sure I’m starting in the correct hemisphere. Thanks for any help. Greg B.

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