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  1. It’s definitely work. I long line jigs with 8 rods and use 6 pound test so I can just break off snags and keep going. I use 8 pound test with cranks for the same reason. I want to break quickly and keep moving. With a good map card I’ve been lucky enough to stay out of too much trouble but I’ll occasionally run into a tree in an area where it shouldn’t be. That can be a mess. A good sized cat can be a mess too. All in all, I’ve really enjoyed this summer and trolling. I’ve certainly caught more crappie than in summers past and I’m learning my little area of the lake far bette
  2. Well... unfortunately I wouldn’t consider myself adept at either technique just yet: I’ve spent far more time with jigs than cranks but that day the jigs weren’t working and the cranks did, got me thinking. I think next time we go I’ll run cranks but it that doesn’t pan out I may go back to jigs for the fall.
  3. Good work and great report. I had to take the weekend off and get a few honey dos out of the way. I can’t seem to figure out when to crank and when to drag jigs. Seems like one day they want jigs and the next they’d rather hit cranks. I always thought summer meant cranks but I’m close to slowing things back down and moving back to jigs. Had several good days dragging cranks and then they seemed to just quit. Not sure when I’ll get back after em as I’ve got a ton going on at work right now. but I’m sure ready.
  4. I went Sunday Morning. Had 5 in the live well when I decided to release them. Could tell I wasn’t going to get many that day. Interestingly I was catching most fish on the shallowest cranks. I discovered this by mistake. I was reworking one when a plug got hung up so I flipped the one in my hand out there about 30 feet and grabbed the one that was hung. I broke it off and before I could re-tie, the one I barely flipped out there went down. After that I pulled all poles back to short lines. My cranks were running around 6-8 feet. Caught all fish on those except one from around 15 feet.
  5. I’m sure there will be boat traffic there. That area of the lake certainly gets used by the boating crowd. That said, there’s boat traffic everywhere. I don’t fish that area much and I have been staying south of there. After about 10:00 am, there’s traffic wherever you go. I troll a lot so boat traffic is not a day killer.
  6. Of course, I'm typically trolling, so my opinion may not help much. best jig color for me lately has been either a natural color (like an Arkansas Shad, Tennessee Shad, etc) or something with a bit of yellow (acid rain). When I'm not trolling, I like the Bobby Garland Baby shad in natural colors. Good luck!
  7. Good work! Glad you got into some
  8. To me, finding them and patterning them is half the fun. They seem pretty difficult to pattern for me right now as they seem really scattered, but I will keep trying. I haven’t been at this as long as Lance but his posts keep me feeling like learning the lake is a possibility. I agree that I haven’t been finding many on the main lake channel. I keep trying as it seems like a logical place to find them, but I’m only picking up a fish here and there in those locations. Steep banks with brush or main lake humps have been a bit more consistent. In the area I fish of the white river I’ve loca
  9. Mine had a very small piece of a leaf stuck in the foot pedal and it was blocking a sensor. Foot pedal wouldn’t move. It’s been great since then. I fish about once or maybe twice a week and I run it hard trolling. No problems since that first situation.
  10. I went Sunday morning. Started at 5:45 am and stopped at about 10:00 or so. Trolled mostly cranks (bandits mostly) and a few jigs with heavy weights due to the speed. Took a while to find crappie but I located them in a creek channel along a steep bank in about 25 fow. Fish were about 10-14 feet down.
  11. Mine is an ultrex as well. In fact I bought it from Wolfe. I’d give em a call and see if they can get you fixed up.
  12. If it’s a minn Kota I’d take it to Wolfe boat works in Rogers. They fixed mine in the spring and did it pretty quickly. They may repair others too but I know for sure they are an authorized minn Kota repair shop. Mine was still under warranty and there was no charge to me. Hope that helps
  13. I’m finding them from 8-12 feet depending on location, time of day, etc. I’m no expert and I’m still learning but that’s what I’m finding. On my sonar I’m mainly looking for shad. Sometimes I catch a bunch and mostly I just catch enough for dinner. Hope that helps
  14. I mostly troll jigs but I see lots of guys out there trolling cranks. I’m actually gonna troll some cranks next time out just to change things up. I fish the southern end. Usually from blue springs to a few miles north. For me things have been hit or miss. When I find the fish I can usually catch quite a few Nice crappie. I’m finding two distinct patterns. Crappie are either on mid lake Humps close to deep water or they are hugging bluff walls. I generally run electronics over these areas before I put baits in the water. Hope that helps.
  15. So far fishing has helped. We are camping on the river this weekend. Losing dad and a tough, but he would have fished every day if he could. I think about him often while I’m out there and I think he’s bringing the fish to me!!! in any event, thanks for all the thoughts. I’m gonna keep fishing.
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