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  1. Nice report. Glad you caught a few and one really nice one!
  2. Yes. On that trip I was pulling 1/16 oz jigs. Mostly the Bobby garland ahead with the little flipper on the tail.
  3. Thanks, Lance. I was hoping to hear from you on this as I know you fish all winter long. I guess its my lack of experience in the winter, but I certainly did not expect to find them where they were (no cover, shallow flats). I always just assumed most of the crappie went to deep cover with a cold front. I suppose the bait may have moved to the slightly warmer water and the crappie followed. If I had more time, I would have stopped trolling altogether and thrown jigs up in the shallows, maybe even under a cork. The fish I did catch there were certainly hungry and fat. They were feeding v
  4. Thought this was a strange occurrence, at least for me. Thought I'd share it. I was patrolling my usual spots long lining 16th ounce jigs in about 10-15 feet of water yesterday. Although I've been catching crappie regularly at this location, suddenly they were gone yesterday. Water temps had dropped nearly 5 degrees from last weekend and I'm sure that had a lot to do with hit. Me still being fairly new to this winter crappie thing, I figured maybe the fish moved deeper, so I moved deeper. Now I could see fish on brush occasionally, but still no large schools as I've been seeing. F
  5. Nice work again. The fish I Caught Saturday sure were aggressive. I had several that just inhaled my jigs. Must’ve been hungry and getting ready for that long cold winter.
  6. Ok, switched spots and went back to long lining. Fished from 8:00 -10:30 this morning. Caught over 30 crappie but most were small. Kept 7 with two thumpers. Caught all fish on something with bright yellow or chartreuse. Literally zero on natural colors. Strange but I suspect it was water color, overcast skies that did it. Fish were on channel drops but were high in the water column.
  7. Greg B.


    Yeah good job, Lance! I’m hoping for an outing in the next few days but work and the weather forecast for the weekend aren’t playing fair.
  8. Yeah on that. I’ve not seen a Lance report without a white bucket in a while. Well, I guess that makes me feel better. At least I’m not the only one struggling.
  9. I’ve fished here most of my life. Moved to the lake area a few years ago and have more immediate access now. Crappie in spring and summer I can usually do. After that I’ve got a lot to learn
  10. Everyone deer hunting or what? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anybody posting their fishing stories. I’ve been out a few times trying to relocate the crappie but don’t have them figured out yet. I tried dock shooting for the first time on Sunday. Not easy in the wind. I fired those jigs pretty much everywhere but where I wanted them. Finally gave up and went back to just trying to cast jigs near the docks. Not much luck but I think it was more me just trying to learn something new. Located some new structure near War Eagle but the wind was aweful. Decided to go upwind and
  11. Not much luck today. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out so I thought I’d post anyway. Fished from noon to three to hit the warmest part of the day. Long lined jigs and jig heads tipped with very small crappie minnows. I found lots of fish bunches up on the sonar and some really massive schools of shad but couldn’t get many bites. Caught three decent crappie but that was it. Water temp was still between 61 and 64 in most places. Most fish were in deeper water but suspended. 15-20 fow, fish were 7-10 feet down. wish I had a better report but I suspect the cold fron
  12. It’s definitely work. I long line jigs with 8 rods and use 6 pound test so I can just break off snags and keep going. I use 8 pound test with cranks for the same reason. I want to break quickly and keep moving. With a good map card I’ve been lucky enough to stay out of too much trouble but I’ll occasionally run into a tree in an area where it shouldn’t be. That can be a mess. A good sized cat can be a mess too. All in all, I’ve really enjoyed this summer and trolling. I’ve certainly caught more crappie than in summers past and I’m learning my little area of the lake far bette
  13. Well... unfortunately I wouldn’t consider myself adept at either technique just yet: I’ve spent far more time with jigs than cranks but that day the jigs weren’t working and the cranks did, got me thinking. I think next time we go I’ll run cranks but it that doesn’t pan out I may go back to jigs for the fall.
  14. Good work and great report. I had to take the weekend off and get a few honey dos out of the way. I can’t seem to figure out when to crank and when to drag jigs. Seems like one day they want jigs and the next they’d rather hit cranks. I always thought summer meant cranks but I’m close to slowing things back down and moving back to jigs. Had several good days dragging cranks and then they seemed to just quit. Not sure when I’ll get back after em as I’ve got a ton going on at work right now. but I’m sure ready.
  15. I went Sunday Morning. Had 5 in the live well when I decided to release them. Could tell I wasn’t going to get many that day. Interestingly I was catching most fish on the shallowest cranks. I discovered this by mistake. I was reworking one when a plug got hung up so I flipped the one in my hand out there about 30 feet and grabbed the one that was hung. I broke it off and before I could re-tie, the one I barely flipped out there went down. After that I pulled all poles back to short lines. My cranks were running around 6-8 feet. Caught all fish on those except one from around 15 feet.
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