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  1. Rec boaters will be happy. Maybe they can fit under the 12 bridge more and quit asking if they can 🤣
  2. How much electricity does a true Amish family use? 🤣
  3. I hate how slow their website is and say you're browsing page 9 of 13 and hit back button it takes you back to page 1 not 8.
  4. Technological Angler has posted a few pics of Mega Live but hasn't elaborated much.
  5. They're deploying troops to Afghanistan. Hmmm 😅
  6. Years ago I was at Cabela's and a guy checked yes on the domestic violence box. He was upset he couldn't buy a gun.
  7. Same here. I most certainly do not need viagra or penis enlargement 🤫
  8. I agree with most but the cooking at home for get togethers. These people don't know how to cook. The trend is ordering food.
  9. Are you water front? Some of your neighbors might be able to help.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/79399114157/posts/10159377376199158/
  11. What's that bingo hall his kid owns?
  12. He makes it look calm and effortless all while being tangle free catching fish left and right.
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