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Today was the annual get the boat ready for hunting/fishing season, fishing season by itself can make a mess of a boat so I had to reorganize and get her ready and while I was doing it I was thinking it would be nice to see everyone's rigs so post them up.














Well that's my Gal.

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Gee.........there's enough detail there as if you were selling your ride! LOL!

Ok, I'll join in. Lord knows I have enough photos of my boat over the years. :secret-laugh:

I guess I should start off with a few before and after photos. I'm the 3rd owner and when I got her, she needed a little "love and care".





So some wet-sanding and hi-speed polishing made a big difference. Then I painted the trailer (rattle can budget) and I also sanded and polished the motor cowling.



And over the last few years, she looks like this now. :have-a-nice-day:



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You failed to mention the part about you finding that old Evinrude with most of the parts in a 5gal bucket! LOL! I think that's pretty cool. Having fished from this little rig, it's a very stable rig and a good fishing platform.

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The first two pictures, the boat is two days from the factory ...



Third picture is from 5 years ago, when I took the doctor that got ALL the cancer out of my wife, and his son fishing...

I had told the doctor “I can’t afford much, but I could take him on a fishing trip, as my “thank you” for saving my wife...


Fourth one is the granddaughter’s fishing trip last year...


Last one I took about a month ago, to send to a friend ...


Not bad for 15 years and I have even had it on Lake Fork twice !!!!!

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I'd say that boat looks great for 15yrs old. A well taken care of boat is always a good thing to see.

I saw a newer 21ft Triton on the road yesterday and it looked like he let his dog chew the tops of the seats off. I know the boat was less than 5yrs old too which is sad to see exposed foam on the tops of the seats on a boat that new. I freak out when I get a scratch!!!

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'79 Custom Falcon CC, bought the bare hull for $300

'88 130 Yamaha, also swept up off a shop floor

Networked Pinpoint TM/Sonar/GPS system w/4 180 batteries

30gal bait tank, 20gal 36" livewell both with KeepAlive aereation

dual anchors, 8 gunwhale, 4 standup, and 8 adjustable rodholders

Bimini with winter curtains

One driver seat and one bigass lazyboy with armrests. Being the second guy sucks.

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My is a 02' Nitro fish and ski, I believe I am the third owner as well. I wish I could of bought a FISHING boat but the wife would never agrees to it(what do you mean the boat only has two seats? What if the kids want to go tubing or something??) Anyways, I''m happy that I've got a boat that pleases everyone(for now!!)

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I bet the wife made you buy those shorts too :D

That's IS a pretty boat.

Oooooohhhh!!! You just got called out.

OK....I was thinking it too but I just didn't say anything! Lol!!

As far as wife and boat situations go......just ask fishinwrench. I have you all beat. Hands down. Wife hates my boat!! She wants.........well I can't even admit it in public. Its just too embarrassing! Lol!

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