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Them fish didn't mind a little rain this morning

They were already wet!  Took my nephew to chase some walleye this morning. We got on the water right around 6:30. Stayed on the flats close to K Dock trolling flickers behind 3 ounce bottom bouncers. The sky be came dark,  the wind blew out of the south east, and a little bit of rain fell, but the fish were biting. We picked up 2 little white bass, 4 short walleye, 6 of them stinkin bass, and 4 keeper walleye in that area.  From there we headed up to Snap to finish off our limits along with 2 more short walleye, one 14 inch crappie, and a few more of them daggum bass. Off the water by 1. Pretty good day out there. Had to be going fast. 2.1-2.5 mph in 18-20 feet of water. First time my nephew has caught a limit of walleye.  I charged him his walleye cheeks as a guide fee.  He seemed to think that was reasonable😀



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Awesome day, makes me want to get back down there.  Hopefully the water stays where it is so i can live down there this winter.  Im sure we will cross paths eventually, i used to see you on upper Bull a lot a couple years ago when we had good water

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I'll be out there Wednesday after a morning sit in the woods. It was a little tougher out there today. Fished 11:30-2:30 with only one keeper. Bright skies first day of cold front shut em down a bit.

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