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  1. Well shouldn't Donald Trump get all the blame because he has been saying all along the it is because of him that we even have this vaccine and crying because he isn't getting enough credit. Yes I opened that can of worms.
  2. Small town in southeast OK with lots of hills and pine trees. Cedar Lake, small lake only about 80 acres, where the last couple of state record large mouth bass have been caught. Present record stands at 14 lbs 13 oz. I think no motors allowed on the lake.
  3. Where I am at in Oklahoma there has not been much rain and for me the picking has been really slow, until yesterday. Had been out several times and the first two trips found zero, then found 13, the next day 8 and then found 5 more in the afternoon. They were great, but just not enough. Battered and fry them in a little oil and a stick of butter until golden brown. Mix ranch dressing and some Ring Of Fire hot sauce as a dipping sauce. Didn't go out for another week because of there being no rain. Had the day off yesterday and free time so I went out and found 65, mostly good size. Most of them
  4. Sent a set of wader to Simms to get repaired and they let me know that they couldn't repair them and that they didn't make that model anymore. I could upgrade for a little more, so that is what I did. It took about a week to get the new ones in. Tried them out the next day and they worked great. About a week later I got another box from Simms and it was another pair of the same waders. Well I called Simms to make sure I wasn't being charged for the second pair. They saw their mistake and said I was not charged for the second pair and would I please send them back, they would send me a free shi
  5. budman

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Found another new, to me anyway, that I Really like. Coop DNR. A Belgian style ale by Coop Ale Works in Oklahoma City. And yes that is a picture of a toe tag on the can. Comes in a 4 pack, IBU 30, ALC 10.0 % and SRM 22. I like Belgian Ale and really like this one.
  6. Guess I should have waited 4-5 years. Just found it for $14. http://www.fish-united.com/products/Eagle-Claw-Granger-GRX-Salmon-{47}-Steelhead-Spinning-Rod.html Just a different color. Going to use it a few more time before fishing with it next week. I do understand about shortening up the cast to get timing and correct casting position to get the best distance and accuracy. Tried placing the spool of line into a cup of hot water to change the memory from the spool to the spool on the reel.
  7. Planned on just casting it out and jigging it back to the boat. Took it out today and tried casting it on the pond behind the house throwing a 1/8 oz jig. The extra two and half feet of rod and the 2 pound test line was really different than throwing a 6 1/2 medium action rod for bass. I was all over the place on distance and direction at first. Took about a dozen cast to get some type of timing down, but still had several bad cast. I also had a few what I call wind knots in the middle of the line about 20 yard out and well behind the jig. Also had one bird's nest in the line at about the same
  8. budman

    What's Cooking?

    Don't have pictures but it was great. Guinness Meatloaf, Garlic Mash potatoes and fried cabbage. Here is what it did. 1 onion chopped 1/2 cup shredded carrots 1/2 diced celery 2 Tbsp minced garlic 1/4 cup diced portabella mushrooms, about 2 oz. 1 lb. lean ground beef 1 lb. ground venison 1/2 cup shredded cheese 2 eggs 1 Tbsp worcestershire sauce 1/2 bottle Guinness Extra Stout, save the other have for gravy salt and pepper to taste 2 1/2 cups of torn bread 1 cup milk Bacon Cook onions, celery, mushrooms and garlic
  9. Several years ago I bought a 9 foot Eagle Claw Steelhead rod. Says Granger GRX, IM7 on the shaft. Says 2-8 lb. Line Weight and 1/16-1/4 oz. lure weight. Never used it, bought it because it was last one they had and closing out for $20, what could go wrong. I am mounting a Quantum 10 reel with 2 pound line and going to try and use it to throw some jigs trout fishing next week below Bull Shoals. I have never thrown jigs for trout, only flies. Anyone ever tried one of these or something like it. Feels like a fly rod with a longer grip above and below the reel. Going to test it out in the yard to
  10. We did the Lower Buffalo, Dillards to the White, 33+ miles in 4 days/3 nights during early Oct. and only saw two other people until we got to the White. The only two people were getting out at Rush, so we had the last 24 miles to ourselves. Lots of great spots to camp and we caught plenty of fish and saw plenty of wildlife. Our trip report and another are on the Buffalo River topic under trip report Rush to Shipps. You could float from farther up river, Maybe Gilbert to Shipps for a 6 day trip at that time of the year and not really see anybody if you go Monday - Sat. With Saturday being in th
  11. Several years ago on a stop over in London I tried to get tickets to a Premier League game and there were none to be found, without paying way too much money. Found tickets for a Championship team, Millwall Lions FC. While trying to get directions to the stadium someone said are you sure you want to go there and the other guy said they will be OK but don't wear that camera outside your jacket. Our tickets were at will call and while standing in line several young guys came walking up with blood on there face and clothes. Once we got to our seats the other people around us made us feel welcome
  12. https://arkielures.com/collections/plastic-lures/products/salty-craw?variant=25181302685796 I fish these on the Buffalo, Crooked Creed and a few clear streams in Oklahoma and they work great. Work well on small jig heads and I find them at Walmart.
  13. budman

    Whatchya Drinking?

    I guess no one has been drinking lately? Found a Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad at the local store. Love Sixth Glass but I think this is better. Nice rice flavor and darker color and it has 12.2 % alc. but doesn't really taste like it. A guy could hurt himself on these things. They were $12.99 for a four pack so it probably won't become my everyday drink but I will be getting some more before they run out, seasonal.
  14. None of the fish picture came out sharp but here is a couple more of the trip.
  15. We got back from our trip from Dillard's to Shipps. The weather was great, water was super clean which made the fishing a little tough. Camped three nights, at Gage Bluff upstream from Rush, Smith Bluff/Fish Trap Shoal then across from Brush Creek at Shield's Chute. All were nice flat spot with small rock gravel bars. The fish would head for part unknown if you got within 30 feet of them so we didn't catch much the first day. Starting the second day I started casting as far in front of me as possible and reeling in as slow as possible and this seemed to be the best method. Caught most everythi
  16. We are using Buffalo River Float Service. I think $80 to shuttle truck to Shipps on the last day of our trip. A lot cheaper than driving two trucks from Tulsa and a lot less time spent doing a self shuttle.
  17. Leaving Monday to do Dillards to Shipps for 4 days. Hope to have the same conditions as you had. Looking forward to getting away with a couple friends and fish and relax. Will get a report out when we get home. We have done it a couple of time and have a good idea where we need to stop each night to make the trip and still be able to fish a lot. I agree about the last couple of miles on the Buffalo being slow, more so when the White is flowing a lot of water and backing up the Buffalo.
  18. Going to Float this section from Oct. 6-9. I haven't done this trip is several years and have missed it. Looking forward to getting out and away from everything but the river and wilderness. Going to used Buffalo River Float Service to shuttle our truck. We have taken out at Riley's but with higher generation I don't what to even think about it. I was just wondering if anyone has made this trip lately and fishing advice you would be willing to share. Also are there any shorter hikes to interesting sites we might take on this section.
  19. I have two Wilderness Ride 115 and they are great. I have had one for 8 years and loved it and you can stand in them on calmer water. I bought one for my wife who had never been in a kayak and we took it on a 3 day Buffalo river trip and she only turned over once, first day. They are very stable and easy to paddle. A little heavy buy you can carry a ton of stuff for multi day trips, I think it say 500 pound capacity. I saw one on facebook market place the other day for $850 and it had the good airpro seat, a $439 option. It was in Springdale, AR. They are really tough also, my fell off the tra
  20. you didn't say there was more trickery. 13.5
  21. 309. forgot to take a second look and double check my work. 279
  22. Now that they are not running water 24/7 and it looks like they are generating some only in the afternoons has anyone been fishing. I know ODWC website says they have been stocking but it always says that, even when they are not, and it always says fishing is fair with inline spinners, nymphs and power bait below the dam. Need to get out of the house and was just trying to find out before just driving down.
  23. Wily I use a couple of old Cattle panels and they work great. Been using the same ones for at least 15 years. But going to have to put some fencing around my garden this year because the deer found my purple hull peas last year. They don't eat the plants just the pods, and only the ones about ready to be picked.
  24. Anyone ever camped at the Brooksher Preserve. Looked on Google maps and don't see anything there. Wondering if there is enough space to sit up 3-4 backpacking size tents. Also is it marked. Haven't floated by that section in several years.
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