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  1. I have been out a decent amount early, and had decent success considering the conditions, but I would like to start fishing some evenings. Has anyone been fishing in the evenings till around dusk? Any suggestions? Thanks Y'all!
  2. I have not upgraded my electronics for way to long, and I just began to do a little research. Admittedly, I fish primarily shallow and have never seen the need to upgrade, but I would love to have some of the new mapping features. I am left speechless at the prices these companies are charging. I just bought a brand new 4k 75in Smart tv from best buy for $850. But some how a 12in graph is double the price.... Dont get me wrong I know there are cost involved, but double??!!! No chance it cost that! We are getting robbed! PS I know they can charge these prices because people will pay
  3. Are there any current BASS guys that should be in the conversation? I'm sure there will be a few guys separate themselves over the next few years.
  4. KVD is the GOAT no debate, but Wheeler is the man in 2020. I agree, it would be hard to go against Evers... but I think I'd have to go Wheeler if I was forced to choose. Like Bill said, he finds them in all bodies of water. Shallow or deep. He is a stud. I'm just pumped pro fishing is back. I love BASS and MLF for different reasons, and to the ones that feel like they have to pick sides...just chill and enjoy watching and learning from the best
  5. Just to have a little fun and debate... who do you think is the current best all around pro? This can be MLF, BASS, or FLW. We all know there have been greats over the years, but if you had to put money on one guy to win a tournament this weekend, who would it be? I'm going with Jacob Wheeler... he is unreal in all tournament formats. He may annoy me at time, but he seems like a good guy and great fisherman! Who do you got?
  6. Are there any good free online maps for TR? I would love to find something with to help target certain depths. Thanks!
  7. Had a couple small mouth keepers up by the dam. Not a lot of action and a very light bite, but they aren’t far from being on it good.
  8. Nice! Sounds like it is not far from being on. Shallow bite or out deep off bluffs and main lake points?
  9. Any fish caught on an A-Rig yet?
  10. I fish mainly the Cape Fair/Aunts Creek area where the water is more stained this time of year. Do you still throw a more natural shad color (whites) or do you mix in more colored baits. I typically will slow roll a big chartreuse colorado blade and love the typical rock crawler/wiggle wart, but I feel these baits get fished hard and I'd love to mix up my presentation to try and trigger more big bites.
  11. Awesome! Thanks for your input and advice.
  12. I've never fished swimbaits (I know...stupid) and I know they are killer baits. I do not have the knowledge on them to fish them confidently, and end up going to something I am more familiar with. This year I am making it my goal to figure them out. I have a couple questions in regards to them: 1. What is your ideal set up? (brand, color, head size, and so on) 2. When and where is the best time to fish them and what water temp? Are guys fishing them now? Thanks guys! I know there are always changing variables to bait selection, so any specific or general info is much appreciat
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