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  1. I fished there today.. not a good area with all the boat traffic. Talked to a few guys and no one is catching around there. Just a muddy wasteland, I wouldn't reccomend that spot .
  2. Do you all think catfishing is good around the 82 bridge on the sac right now? Trying to find a place to spend my day off on Monday fishing for cats in my small 2 man boat. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!!
  3. The water is still up some.. but you should be able to launch a smaller boat.
  4. Thank you for the tip sir! I'm headed out today to catch bait, taking Monday off to fish all day. A little rain and clouds in the forecast should make it good.
  5. Is anyone having luck with cats? Wondering if they'll be up creeks or deep water right now? I just can't seem to find them!
  6. I have a question for anyone familiar with the Bagnell tailrace.. I have a little bass hunter boat with a 3.5 hp outboard.. do I stand a chance fishing the Osage around Tescumbia if they're running water? Or is it like they say in Jaws.. "you're gonna need a bigger boat?" Wanting to get into some cats! Thanks for the replies!
  7. Well I went to Sons creek, fished about a half mile down from the 39 bridge towards the lake, Fished under some cormorant nests, didn't have any luck. I then went up stream past the bridge about a mile, it sure looked good but again, no luck. I did catch a 17" walleye throwing a swimbait while my other baits soaked. I talked to a guy bank fishing up there who said they got into the channel cats heavy on Saturday 4/25 after the heavy rains. I did some searching on this forum and found a post Straw Hat made years ago, looks like some great info for cats! (thank you sir!) I'll be headed back
  8. Thank you! I'll let you know!
  9. Headed to Stockton tomorrow and want to get into some eating size channels.. thinking about heading up Sons creek above the 39 bridge and fish the mouth of a feeder creek.. I know the water will be pretty muddy and high. Does anyone have any tips for where to find cats this time of year with the current water conditions? Thank you in advance!!
  10. I want to catch some channels tomorrow, where would you point a fella? I was thinking about running up sons creek a ways and fish the mouth of a feeder creek.. any other ideas you would care to share?
  11. How about for catfish?
  12. Has anyone caught catfish around the Taylor bridge area?
  13. Guess I didn't go far enough up! What do you think these cool temps will do to the fishing there?
  14. Yeah, I don't think the run has really hit yet.. but yeah, this cool weather may stall it out some, I'm not sure. Good luck if you go!
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