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Last Few Days

Bill Babler

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The last few days with the bright sun has caused the fish for me to move considerably deeper. Most of my bites are on either a drop shot or dragging a jig,rig,or spooning in 31 to 40 ft. Got a real treat with the deer swimming across the lake. These are some really big K's, most of the pic's are of at least 3 pounders.







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The lake seems a lot clearer then it has been. Maybe the Beaver water has flushed it out.

We were there today, but didn't go deep enough after the fog lifted. My son caught a nice typical lake Smallie, a 17 inch football.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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I really don't look for the K's to move up any. May even go deeper as they can do this time of the year. It is not unusual for us to catch them at 55 ft. in Oct. and Nov.

Jaws on the other hand can move up a bit, but they are already pretty shallow running in the under 20 ft. range.

It is not typical to catch Jaw's and K's in the same locations this time of the year, except if there is a very good bait school they are both on, or there is a very good breeze blowing across some of the longer flatter points. Much more common to catch the Jaw's at 24 ft. plus than to catch the K's at under 20 ft. Can be done, but thats not the way most of us guide types do it.

Look at the locations, in the photo's. Where I'm fishing right now, you could not hit the bank with a 22 rifle. Most of these big K's are coming over deep trees, channel swings and humps.

Largemouth for the most part are just not something that I keep up with. Yes I love to catchem, but if a guide here depended on LM to make his or her living, they would be working a city job. Just not enough of em, and they are hard for the average joe to catch.

Hope to have a couple on Saturday in the Homer Sloan derby, out of the Knob. ;)

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Bill fishes a different lake, a much harder one, than I do here at the upper end. We don't see the SM, and the spots we see do not out number the LM 3 to 1. On the other hand, the spots and SM give him options to fish when the LM go walkabout.

Bill: great pictures. One of these days I need to fish seriously down lake.

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Very nice K's Bill! Hope to see you down there Saturday. Are you going to fish the Friday get together?

Have a full day guide trip on Friday. Am headed for the Knob now to check it out abit. Been 3 or 4 days since I fished there. Good Luck in the derby's.

It is suspose to be a very nice day on Saturday, which should keep the weights low. If it would happen to turn off nasty, then "Katy bar the Door" someone will have a big bag. Great Fun

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