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As If A-Rigs Were Not Expensive Enough...


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i don't think my credit is good enough to get a loan to buy one of those things i would have to hang it from my ceiling for decoration

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I have a handful of those BBZ baits, mostly floaters for waking. They run at least $20 per and weigh about an ounce. So you are looking at over a c-note and around 7 ounces! Holy muskie rods!

Brings to mind that Body by A-Rig post from a few weeks ago. Did look awesome in the water though. No way I could bring myself to count that down over treetops.

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All I can say is WOW. Is there a catapult that mounts between two powerpoles in order to cast/shoot that thing out into the water?

Yes, and then you use one of the poles and your winch cable to wind it back.

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