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Upper Meramec & Smallmouth


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How long will the spring warmed water hold smallmouth?

How far down from the spring does one have to go before catching smallmouth in the summer?

Where exactly is caridac hill, and since it isn't producing trout much, does it hold smallmouth in the summer?

In case your curious why all the questions on the Meracmec lately, my wife and I are considering keeping our camper at the small camp site at the top of the hill a couple of miles up from the park over the summer in order to save on gas. I would really like to try to figure out the stretch of water.

Thanks in Advance,


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call me i have all your ansewers....lol your post crack me buddy......lets go fishing

You don't call anymore, don't email, just tease. :secret-laugh:

Will do.

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You don't call anymore, don't email, just tease. :secret-laugh:

Will do.

Don't feel jaded, he does that with everyone.

(i can't find the smiley guys)

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