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I use Fishing_Calendar_1.5.8.for Android.It shows all the moon phases and if fishing is supposed to be good or not.I had a gps mapping program and i entered all of the brush piles lat/long for Stockton but i cant find it.I need to find it and enter all of the locations again.

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I just bought a little android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 that has built in gps and wifi, no phone chip. I use Sundroid, tells you sunrise and sunset for location, draws precise location off the gps. Mapdroyd for road maps, you can cache several states on it. A digital compass app, don't remember the name. Both are free.

I am looking at a couple of topo apps that are paid, same thing, you can download the maps and use them off line.

I have digital topos that are in adobe pdf format on it and use the adobe app to read them, works good too. You just can't use the gps to fix your location on them like the other programs.

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+1 (for Android). It's now available for us sadistic users of Windows phones and tablets too;


Touch screens and map browsing go together like PB&J. This one's as fast as your fingers.

I can't dance like I used to.

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