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Lawnmower Junkyard


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Does anyone know of a lawnmower junkyard in Springfield,Nevada or possibly Joplin?My neighbor gave me a craftsman rider that is a year and a half old.It was barely running but it wouldnt idle up or down so i thought it was the flywheel key..Took the top off and the flywheel was turned a little but the key wasnt sheared completly...All i could find was an aluminum key at the hardware store..Thought i would try it just to see if i could get it to start but It barely ran for a minute..Went to adjust the valves and when i got the cover off the valves were completely loose and one of the little spacers under one of the rockers was laying in the valve cover..I adjusted the valves and didnt get the intake push rod in right and it bent when i tried to start it...Put the new push rod in today and adjusted the valves and it still wouldnt start.Thought it might have sheared the key i got from the hardware store so i took the cover off to look at the flywheel,and long story short...If i would have put a $2.50 briggs and stratton flywheel key in the first time,i wouldnt be looking for a flywheel now...I could have had a almost new riding mower for the price of a flywheel key and adjusted the valves....Anyway...the motor is a 21hp briggs and stratton model# 331877 type 0869 G5...I can find one new all over the internet but i dont want to buy new and find out something else is wrong internally..I live in Stockton and will drive to Nevada,Bolivar,Springfield and i will drive to Joplin if i have to....I know a couple of people that have a yard full of mowers but they are all old..Just wanting to find out where to go next..Thanks

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I dont know but it is shattered where the key goes.The key looked like it tried to shear but it broke the flywheel instead.I think the key i got was to tight and the wrong density.I think if i would have set the valves and then replaced the right key it would probably be running now....Let the ribbing begin.

Before and after pic



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215700 online the part# is 698281.about all i can do is get the model#s of different engines and look up the flywheel for that motor and see if the part#s are the same.My flywheel has big magnets so if i got a different flywheel i could always unplug the battery and lights after i started it.Or i could spend $135 on a new one.I just dont want to buy a new one and find out the motor is shot.Thanks


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I know you don't want online references, but, Just for the sake of others, I have used www.jackssmallengines.com and have been very satisfied with the results. I have no affiliation with them, but I am always leary of using a website I have no prior knowledge of. I tried them a few times and was very satisfied with them.


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