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Nymphing Terrestials


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I just read an article that suggested one add a little split shot to grasshopper and beetle flies to simulate a bug that has slipped through the film. The author stated this has save the day on mulitiple occasions. Just one if anyone here has tried that?

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A crackle back fly comes to mind. You fish it dry or wet, as a streamer or a nymph. It is a good fish catcher but does not really imitate anything.

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I like to sink ants and tricos (not terrestrial, but still a dry). Agreeing that sunk ants are deadly.

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Sunken ant trick - take plastic mono nymph dumbbell eyes like these :


Lash to hook.. add some black hackle in the middle.. VOILA!

Instant sunken ant.

SSSHHHH..... do not tell anyone how well they work on trouts.


Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


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