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Mdc Regulations Question


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I have a question regarding regulations on several of the MDC's Urban fishing areas. Recently they were stocked with trout for the winter and have special regulations in place -

  • Trout permits are required if trout are kept.
  • Trout may be taken by pole and line using all types of lures and baits under statewide limits, except during the dates listed below.

Nov. 1 - Jan. 31:

  • Catch and release only for trout
  • Flies, artificial lures and unscented soft plastic baits only
  • Only 1 pole may be used.
  • Use of chum is prohibited.

Feb. 1 - Oct. 31:

  • You must stop fishing for all species after having 4 trout in possession.

Does this mean even if I am bass fishing, I am not allowed to use scented plastics, correct? Also, it means only one pole can have its line it the water at a time - I can carry two poles, but only use one at a time?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, just want to make sure I'm playing by the rules.

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Don't know, but it sure sounds like you're right. That doesn't set too well with me, since the trout are kind of a throwaway fish in those lakes, and you could certainly fish them year-round for other species and I wouldn't want to be limited on how I could fish for bass and such in the winter.

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trout are mostly a throw away fish in most Missouri waters year round. If you aren't fishing specifically for trout, I think it would be pretty obvious. Throw the gulp worms while fishing for bass or gulp crappie baits. As usual, no common sense in regulations.

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Huh, I was under the impression that even during the C&R period at the urban lakes you needed a trout stamp. Guess not.

-- Jim

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This wording on the MDC web site could be improved, From http://mdc.mo.gov/sites/default/files/resources/2010/05/stlwintertrout_2013.pdf

Are limited to one fishing pole, from

Nov. 1–Jan. 31.

May not use natural or scented baits as chum.

Then it goes on to say after Jan 31 any lure or bait can be used.

The wording gets adjusted now and again but I have always interpreted this as follows:

If you’re fishing a designated urban/winter trout fishery despite which species you are targeting, no natural or scented bait from 01 Nov to 31 Jan period, used as chum or otherwise. After that standard regs apply (during the catch and keep period). You can carry as many rods as you wish but only fish one at a time. Is that right? I don’t know. The wording could use some improvement.

As for other replies I don’t see these regs as impacting my warm water species pursuits. The number of fisheries impacted by these regs is small as a percentage. Since the OP is in St. Louis, using Busch as an example, a handful of lakes are impacted leaving about 25 lakes at Busch alone under standard regs when you factor in lake closures for rehab, etc. at any given time. I don't want to fish bass on a small lake ringed with people casting to the center for trout when I have 25 other lakes I can fish almost completely unoccupied in the winter.

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If you are fishing for other species, keep 3 fish on the stringer. Release till you are done fishing and keep your 4th.

Same rule applies in the trout parks during put and take season, once you string up the 4th fish, you are done for the day by the rules. You can not keep fishing and releasing, you have to quit after you reach your daily limit.

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Hunter S. Thompson

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