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Barry Hinson's Rant After Last Nights Game


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I remember when those games between MU and SIU were tight and hard fought battles between two NCAA tournament hopefuls. It's kind of rough to see them as down as they are.

Though they did give Mizzou a hard time this year.

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Love it! Barry is a good coach, How many times have we heard the media whining about coaches who say nothing of "value" or give stock, meaningless answers without passion? Then, when a coach does have an emotional outburst, usually after a loss, the media have a field day, usually in a snarky, supercilious and condescending, head-shaking way (wait, that's me! Oy,).

Andy Warhol was(is) right. In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.

A college basketball coach was upset after a game, Big deal.

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I thought it was great.

I didn't hear any media reaction, but I did hear the AD stood by him and there wasn't going to be any action taken. Soooo many times it seems folks caught up in what would be a quickly-forgotten story cave in a make a stupid knee-jerk decision.


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