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Noobee says thank you


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I joined this forum about a month ago. I have been a lurker because I told myself I would not post until I caught a fish on the Ned. Well yesterday I finally caught one as you can see. (I hope I posted it right) Not a lot of size but on the 6# line and light spinning gear it felt like a monster. I want to thank everyone for their posts. Since I am only a weekender until I retire in a couple of years, your posts keep me up to date on the current conditions.

Yesterday I put in at Moonshine ramp and had plans to go to Cow Creek. When I turned the corner by Indian Point, the wind was telling me to go to Jake Creek instead. Whew it was blowing straight down the channel. Every point in Jake Creek had at least one boat camped on it. So I went to the cove past Rocklane Marina and started there. WT was 59. Dave sent me some heads and I had to use the 1/8 because of the wind. Hard to fish those things in the wind as many of you have pointed out. I caught fish on the Ned in the trees in about 10 fow. Was also throwing a square bill and had many followers but no takers.

Again, I want to thank everyone who posts a report and although this is my first post it will not be my last.



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Good to see another poster, thanks for the report. Those Kentucks are made for light tackle, and sure are fun to catch. Interesting to hear you got some action on the square bill, I was thinking of throwing it next time out on some chunk rock banks.

Love that water color in that cove.

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Hey m&m, congrats on scoring with the Ned. Yesterday was tough, and not only because of the wind. We'd had cloudy conditions for several days and then we had a bluebird day with that incredible wind. Not a good combination.

Keep posting and letting us know what's going on out there. Fishing reports aren't all about catching a boatload. It's about sharing what kind of areas you did -- and didn't -- get bites; what you got them on, etc. I always tell Donna, when I'm getting ready for a tournament, some of my best practice days are when I catch very few fish, because that helps me eliminate certain areas and tactics that I thought might work.

Welcome to the forum.


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That wind was brutal. Had a friend (nedrigfan) in from home. Would not have fished if he had not been in. When we could get the little guy to the bottom we could catch them. Hard day on backs, batteries, and common sense.

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