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Cops For Kids Tournament In May?


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On 4/6/2016 at 8:58 PM, eyedabassman said:

What is the coat to get in? And where is it run out of? And does anyone need a non boater??????

Just got off the phone with kelly. He said " it's 120 a boat " I believe it's out of the state marina. Kelly seems like a really nice guy and I really like what this tournament stands for. 

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I've fished this a few times, and I got to say, it is probably the best benefit tournament in the state.  Last year there were around 160 boats.  Just by entering you have a 1 in 160 chance to win a brand new Nitro Z18.  Where else can you even pay to enter a benefit raffle that has those good of odds to win? Not to mention there is quite a bit of swag you get, food and drinks afterwards and the chance to win some money if you catch em good.

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10 minutes ago, mixermarkb said:

Is this really on a Tuesday? 



From what i have read ...yeppers...looked strange to me also but everything i have read says Tuesday....

I know everything about nothing and know nothing about everything!

Bruce Philips

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8 hours ago, mixermarkb said:

Well, I might have to look at this one, I don't often get to fish a derby on one of my normal days off. Working every weekend makes derbys hard to do-

It's been the first Tuesday in May for years. Moved because of the high water in 2011, but pretty much clockwork otherwise. 

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