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Friday 8th of April


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Made the 7 hour round trip to  the White River on Friday. Pulled up to the boat ramp at White Hole about 8:30. Six units rolling with didymo blowing all through the river and gusty winds. Not great conditions. Made the trip straight up to the damn to get ahead of the trash. When we arrived, they shut off three units, leaving on three. We fished 1/16 and 3/32 oz jigs all day, fishing from the damn to Gaston's most of the day. Wind was bad further down u went. Some parts of the river were white capping. Fishing was tough for us jig fisherman, but we managed to catch fish. No big numbers, think we caught around 50 ish  between the two of us. One of the tougher days of fishing, but still a good day to enjoy the great outdoors. Here's a few pics, with a bonus fish. image.jpegimage.jpeg 


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